City Lawyer Kipkorir headed to Tanga Tanga?

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Vocal city lawyer and business magnate Donald Kipkorir on Monday announced he is taking a sabbatical, from commentating on the country’s politics saying it is driven by no ideals, but selfish and personalised interests at the expense of Kenyans.

”On reflection, I have decided to take sabbatical from Kenya’s politics which has no higher ideals but driven at its default by personal interests with support of the poor and illiterate base. For Kenya to realize its nirvana, our leaders must love Kenya above self, family and tribe,” Lawyer Kipkorir, popularly known as the Don tweeted.

The flamboyant lawyer has been a vocal supporter of ODM leader Raila Odinga both online and offline, something which has earned him friends and foes alike.

Reacting to his decision to step away from his active political commentating, Profesor Makau Mutua told the lawyer he was a captain in his side of political leaning, and the decision may not have been well thought out.

”Don, you are a striker and can’t take a “sabbatical” from the game at the 80th minute with your team leading 2-1. If you do, your 10 will be beaten by the other side’s mediocre 11,” the US based scholar wrote.

On his part, former Mukurueni MP Kabando wa Kabando hailed Kipkorir as being amongst the few who speak their minds honestly, and his focus should not be derailed by any disappointments.

”Don, you are amongst who speak their minds honestly. You’re knowledgeable and passionate. Let no disappointments derail your focus. Don’t retreat, we’ve entered the critical season – of coronations, deals, defections, alliances, declarations, attempted bbi resuscitation. Rudi,” the former MP said.

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