Circus Ruto Government Really Do Not Know What to Do

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The biggest story from Ruto’s State House in their so-called cabinet meeting was that some CS members were blocked from the meeting because they came late. The big names on the CS members Ruto sent home for being late for the meeting included his favourite guy Kithure Kinduki who has been in the news everyday and has put on more army uniform clothes than 1,000 Kenyan army soldiers put together.

That is Kenya’s Chief Commander right there except he has no idea what he is doing. Then he has the shakahola massacre nightmare where Kenyans have more Kindiki pictures than real solutions to end that whole nightmare.

That is not Kindiki’s problem. His problem is how many pictures he can have in uniform and pretending to work. That is good because that is how the Ruto regime works as Kenyans have seen so far. So can someone tell Ruto that Kindiki was trying various army fatigue uniforms to put on for the State House meeting and that is why he was late. What else was he supposed to do?

As for Moses Kuria it is a waste of time trying to figure that out. William Ruto just needs to looks at this picture to know he has a useless Trade and Investments CS. But Ruto knew that already before he appointed him to that job and that is why he got the job.

Ruto was lucky in one aspect here. His 50 CAs illegal appointees with even more crazy and lazy people he has in his present cabinet were told to keep off any government business by the appeal court. If that new line of Ruto crooks were due for State House meeting half of them would be late and things would just get worse for Ruto.

The other big story on the Ruto State House cabinet “meeting” was that Ruto declared a worker at the Ministry of transport as the super corrupt and asked Murkoman the CS in charge to fire her immediately. This is supposed to be great news for the Ruto regime. Oh God they are firing corrupt people mara moja.

President Ruto, during the signing of performance contracts by Cabinet Secretaries at State House on Tuesday morning, revealed that a certain corrupt official in the Ministry of Roads andTransport was abetting mismanagement of public resources and always got away with it through crooked means.

The woman, whom he described as “corrupt to the core”, would often be transferred but would bribe her way back through the courts.

“There was one lady in one of the Roads department, corrupt to the core, to the extent that she could not be transferred by anybody, even by the Minister, because if she was transferred she would go to court, buy the court process and make sure that she is returned, that is the kind of chronic that corruption has taken us,” Ruto said.

“I hope Kipchumba Murkomen, I hope that lady no longer works for the government of Kenya. We cannot have such. There are people who have made government offices their private property.”

That is for change. How about this Mr. President? Is your guy Henry Rotich going to be let lose by your government? This is about Sh. 63 billion public money stolen for which Kenyans are paying back with interest right now.

Talk about foreign debt. This scam is a big part of it and the Ruto regime owns the scam dealers so his government is going to find ways to withdraw the charges and give Henry Rotich a free ride on the Sh 63 billion theft of public funds. Instead the Ruto regime is loudly focusing on the Sh 1 trillion stolen by “super corrupt woman” in Murkomen’s ministry?

Kimwarer dam contract went to unqualified firm

Kimwarer dam.

The multi-billion shilling contract for Kimwarer multi-purpose dam project was awarded to a company that did not win the tender, a witness has told the court.

Isaac Mbugua testified that the contract was awarded to Italian firm CMC Di Ravenna Limited in disregard of recommendation by the tender evaluation committee, saying it was not the best to undertake the project.

“The committee had recommended the contract be awarded to Sinohydro Corporation Limited because it had the best bid and scored the highest during evaluation. We did not recommend CMC Di Ravenna Limited which was awarded the contract,” said Mbugua.

He said all Kerio Valley Development Authority (KVDA) tender committee members approved the award to Sinohydro Corporation Limited and didn’t know how the company was short changed.

The witness was testifying in the case where former Treasury CS Henry Rotich and former KVDA managing director David Kimosop are charged with conspiracy to defraud Sh63 billion for construction of the Kimwarer and Arror multipurpose dams in Elgeyo Marakwet County.

Other accused include former Chief Economist Kennedy Nyakundi, former Nema MD Geoffrey Wahungu and KVDA officials Jackson Kinyanjui, William Kipkemboi, Paul Kipkoech, Francis Chepkonga and Titus Muriithi.

Mbugua, who was among seven-member tender evaluation committee, testified further that although they recommended the contract for Arror to be awarded to CMC Di Ravenna Limited, the company again used a different name when it signed the contract with KVDA.

“The bid was submitted by CMC Di Ravenna Limited and they got the award but when the contract was signed, the name of the company changed to CMC Di Ravenna Itinera Joint Venture of South Africa,” he said.

He said four companies had submitted their bids for the Arror multipurpose dam including CMC Di Ravenna, Sinohydro Corporation Limited, China Jia Xi Limited and Angelique International Limited.

After evaluation of the technical capacities, the committee disqualified Angelique International Limited and the remaining three companies went for the final financial evaluation.

“CMC Di Ravenna emerged the highest bidder with a score of 90 per cent and we recommended that it be awarded the contract for Arror dam,” said Mbugua.

However, when it came to Kimwarer dam, the witness said only CMC Di Ravenna and Sinohydro Corporation Limited submitted bids and after evaluation, they recommended the latter be awarded the contract after scoring 91 per cent.

He added that the technical evaluation committee was not aware that KVDA had advertised for qualified companies to submit their expression of interest to undertake the project. The hearing continues.

So here is the real story in Kenya politics today. Ruto is creating some excitement about some corrupt woman being fired by his friend Murkomen and at the same time Ruto’s other real big friend Henry Rotich who stole Sh. 63 billion from Kenyans should be okay and it is a none story for Ruto. That is not going to work. Period.

Kamau Thugge is already the chief of Ruto Treasury. Maybe Henry Rotich will be the Prime Minister of Finance in the Ruto regime soon as quickly as the charges against him are dropped. Look how brilliant the future of Kenya looks under Ruto.

Adongo Ogony is a Kenyan Human Rights Activist and  Writer who lives in Toronto, Canada

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