Can Ruto Put Some Rubber In IG Koome Brain to Help him Think?

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The desperate Police IG Japheth Koome has been given a job he has no idea about. Ruto wants him to stop the mass action this Monday and the little fool has no clue how to do that.

First, he came up with a statement banning the demos, and what he said he said actually proved the demos are the right thing for Kenyans to do if they have issues with their government.

 ”Political issues should be handled through the appropriate political channels. The majority of these politicians have lived their full lives and are out to destroy the future of the youth. The police will protect lives and property of all Kenya and anyone found breaching law will be dealt with regardless of their status in the society,” IG Koome said.

Demonstrations and rallies are actually the “right political channels” for Kenyans to deal with their leaders on whatever issues they face as citizens. The IG has no powers whatsoever to outlaw the rights of Kenyans to protest against their government. Even Ruto cannot do that so IG Koome better just shut up.

Then he comes with his next threat of shooting people in the streets. Those are dangerous statements by a police boss which could land him at the Hague if things get out of control. This man already has four deaths of demonstrators in his hands. He is now preparing for a whole lot more.

Koome: We’ll use bullets that can’t cause death during protests

Inspector General of Police Japheth Koome has said police will use rubber bullets that cannot cause death to whoever is shot at. 

Speaking on Sunday while addressing the media, Koome said police will also use teargas canisters on protestors. 

He said both the teargas canisters and rubber bullets have been checked to ascertain they cannot cause death to anyone. 

“We have our regulatory department. There is a teargas and rubber bullets we use which have been lawfully checked and cannot kill,” Koome said. 

So after Koome pretended to ban the rallies and threatened to arrest Raila and other Azimio leaders, he realizes that is outside his pay scale. Now he is threatening Kenyans with bullets. IG Koome is telling Kenyans that the police are going to injure them and break their legs and hopefully not kill them.

That is a crime against citizens who come out to demonstrate against their government. Promising injuries and grievous harm to Kenyans is a preplanned criminal activity by the same group that is supposed to keep Kenyans safe and this guy will be held accountable for that. And he is foolish enough to make that statement himself.

Hopefully, Azimio is filing these threats with the ICC as we speak. ICC handles cases where the people who are supposed to protect citizens are the ones killing them and therefore those citizens have no means to seek justice in their own countries.

When the chief of police of any government tells the citizens that the Police Force is preparing to commit crimes against them, that is stuff that should be filed immediately with the ICC and other international human rights organizations.

Koome says he will take pictures of the demonstrators. We already have pictures of him threatening to commit mass crimes against Kenyans. Meet you at the ICC dude. Good luck.

The other day, William Ruto wrote letters to other countries to punish Raila and Azimio for the demos. Does Ruto know that what his Police boss is saying amounts to international crimes against citizens?

Other Ruto agents like Moses Kuria have called for the assassination of Azimio leaders and do the Kagame and Museveni way on them. Ruto and his mob are too scared to do that. If they are not then they can go ahead.

It is time for the Ruto government to face the reality that the mass action for better living conditions for Kenyans and justified governance is a real issue in the country today. Sideshows and starting to campaign for 2027 will not solve that. It is here and now. Deal with it or it will deal with you.

Adongo Ogony is a Kenyan Human Rights Activist and a Writer who lives in Toronto, Canada

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