Ben Githae vows to make a 2022 campaign song for ODM

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Celebrated Kikuyu crooner Ben Githae, famous for his ‘Tano Tena’ hit song rallying Kenyans behind Uhuruto in 2017 has vowed to make another campaign song for ODM boss Raila Odinga (Uhuru Kenyatta’s preferred choice) next year. The gospel singer, a President Uhuru die-hard has also revealed he will be voting for the candidate endorsed by the Head of State.

Speaking to a local publication on Saturday, Githae also commented on his recent meeting with the ODM leader at one of his Mt Kenya events, saying the meeting did not mean he was already throwing his weight behind the former prime minister and that his presence was because of the BBI.

”I am not saying that I won’t support Raila. Because I am a staunch supporter of Uhuru, if he says I support Raila, I will do so,” the Tabia Mbaya singer said.

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Githae, who describes Uhuru as his personal friend also gave an insight into his personal relationship with the Head of State, whom he says usually reaches out to him through personal aides.

“It is very hard to call him and it is not even right to think you can call the president on his mobile number anytime. You can text him and he responds. There is no time I have ever needed him that he has not been there for me. The other day, I lost my mother and he called me and also directed me to the person to go and see for his support. That is how tight I am with him,” he added.

Githae says some of the negative comments about the president from some of his own people have never deterred him from appreciating the good work by Uhuru Kenyatta, explaining he makes his personal choices based on what he believes in and not what other people say about the president.

“If I am your friend, I can’t just wake up one morning and betray you for nothing. Even if people call you a witch and expect me to join them and claim you are a witch and as a friend you have never bewitched me; if they say you are a thief and I have never seen you stealing, I won’t believe them,” he said.

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