Azimio Rejects Kenya Kwanza’s Efforts to Expand the Executive Despite the High Cost of Living

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Azimio la Umoja One Kenya Coalition Party says it is alarmed that despite the prevailing difficult economic times which require a rethink and re-organization of government spending priorities, the Kenya Kwanza regime is proceeding with its plans to recruit tens of Cabinet Assistant Secretaries and expansion of the Executive.

In a statement on Wednesday 1st March 2023, Minority leader Hon Opiyo Wanday says the Azimio coalition is dismayed that William Ruto who campaigned against the BBI on grounds that it was meant to create positions is now busy creating positions that will add no value whatsoever to service delivery and steering the country in the right direction.

”We reject this total waste of resources, time, and misuse of the Public Service Commission…After appointing a horde of Cabinet Secretaries and a host of Principal Secretaries through the creation of departments and agencies to accommodate friends and failed associates including political rejects, Kenya Kwanza is determined to add another layer of bureaucracy,” the Minority Leader in the National Assembly’s statement reads in part.

The new layer of bureaucracy, MP Wandayi says will come with another set of offices, staff, per diems, salaries, and equipment including fuel guzzlers that will consume another set of billions of money from over-taxed and suffering Kenyans with no tangible returns.

He continues: ”As a party, we remain opposed to efforts to expand the executive further and create an excessive bureaucracy that will add no value to the lives of our people.

Indeed, we are concerned that the government has grown too large, too bureaucratic, too wasteful, too unresponsive, and too uncaring about people and their problems.”

Azimio coalition notes that currently in our history as a country, Kenyans feel every available shilling should be directed at lowering the cost of basic goods like unga, electricity, and fuel, financing basic education, providing water and hay to drought-stricken communities, saving the collapsing public universities, as well as addressing the current problem of insecurity.

”We condemn Kenya Kwanza’s acts of insensitivity and uncaring attitude that are making our people feel burdened and oppressed by a government that is growing too large and too wasteful while delivering so little. What Kenya Kwanza is doing is wrong, misplaced, and insensitive,” Minority Whip Wandayi says.

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