Azimio Holds Peaceful Rallies, Ruto Police Unleashes Horrific Violence and Chaos on Kenyans

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Yesterday, the acting President Kithure Kindiki banned any kind of demonstration against their government anywhere in Kenya.

It was a complete ban with no exceptions and he promised his bosses that anybody who disobeys his orders will be arrested mara moja. The big mouth boy Rigathi Gachagua echoed the same orders even as Kenyans were demanding that as the leader of gangsters who raided former Uhuru Kenyatta and family farm in Ruiru, he is the one who needs to be arrested together with his little boys, Ichungwah and others.

Then come Thursday, March 30, 2023, with the Ruto police covering every inch of Nairobi City and elsewhere they were stunned that their threats turned out to be the biggest promotion for the mass rallies by Kenyans demanding a just government and better conditions of living.

Kenyans came to the streets in huge numbers even as Ruto himself was arriving from his foreign visit which has been overshadowed by the reality on the ground in the country.

Ruto and his boys looking at the rallies of joyous Kenyans singing and dancing everywhere in the streets in support of Azimio’s demands were shocked out of their minds. Peaceful rallies were everywhere in the CBD which the Ruto police tried to put an iron wall of police on. Kenyans were rallying in Embakasi, Pangani, Mathare, the CBD, and all over Nairobi City and the country.

The powers that be could not believe what they were seeing and decided their only solution was to unleash unprecedented acts of terror and violence on these Kenyans who were showing them that the constitution of the republic is a whole lot more important than a bunch of dictatorial thugs, running the country and issuing orders plus threats from their bedrooms.

The Government’s attack on the Kenyans having peaceful rallies was a total war like we have never seen in our country. They attacked Raila and the Azimio leaders with complete force, hoping they can get them knocked out of their cars or simply choked up in teargas and other chemical weapons.

By now, the Ruto regime forces should know the Azimio leaders are not afraid of all the violence on them directly.

They are not backing off one inch and the Ruto government may have to import new chemicals to attack them. Maybe Putin has something Ruto and his government could use on these Azimio leaders. Like those nerve chemicals, Putin uses on opposition leaders in his country. Ruto should try that. Send Rigathi to go pick them up from Putin.

Not satisfied with just brutalizing the Azimio leaders, the Ruto police turned maximum and completely ruthless violence on the ordinary Kenyans in the demos beating them, choking them with teargas, and then tearing up their houses and businesses. Instead of capturing and eating Uhuru’s sheep this time, the emphasis was on destroying all sources of livelihood for ordinary Kenyans and the government did so with reckless abandon.

Where does this go from here? The Ruto noisy big mouths are begging him to arrest Raila. Well, he was out there with thousands of armed police all over him. Why not arrest him instead of destroying people’s homes and businesses? Oh, we are not scared of arresting Raila yada yada. Nobody listens to that crap and nobody, least of all Raila himself is scared of him being arrested.

Raila told Kenyans that today 7 live bullets were fired at him. If they keep this up it is possible they could kill Raila and then Kenyans will have to deal with that when it happens. Today, the Ruto thugs made every effort to shoot everybody including the media people, Azimio leaders, and anybody else.

Kenyans can see the shooters in live pictures and they know they are doing their job for the big man at State House so they are very safe. Keep going and Kenyans we determine how that ends.

“We condemn in the strongest terms possible what has happened today. Today is a very sad day in the history of this country. This shows that we’re degenerating into the colonial stage, where lives of Africans did not matter at all, because there’s no reason why police should use this kind of force against unarmed citizens who are merely exercising their democratic rights,” Raila said.

Here are the pictures of live bullet shots at Raila’s car by the Ruto security thugs.

“My own car was hit seven times with live bullets, and the direction of the bullets were all aimed at me. These people have been threatening and blackmailing us, unfortunately, the friends of this country are not helping. Look at the statement released by some ambassador based here, you would think that they live in a different country; they’re actually adding fuel to this conflict, instead of being independent and neutral arbiters.”

Raila talked to Kenyans about all the violence against them and the endless threats.

“No justification exists for the brutality that we and the residents of Pipeline have endured this afternoon! Ruto and Gachagua your days are numbered and count them well,” Raila said

Residents of the highrise apartments in Pipeline poured water from their balconies in an effort to help the protesters below wash teargas from their eyes. 

Nairobi Senator Edwin Sifuna thanked them for the gesture hours later. 

“God bless the residents pouring water down from their highrise flats to douse us from the intense teargas,” he said.  

Moments before they were teargassed as they exited Kware, Raila had told his supporters that not even a million police officers would stop their march into the Central Business District.

Adongo Ogony is a Kenyan Human Rights Activist and Writer who lives in Toronto, Canada

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