Azimio Convention disappoints some and puts Odinga on the path to being Kenya’s 5th President

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There are very many mad people today about Azimio Convention. They wanted chaos and a collapse at the event. That didn’t happen.

But the Ruto secret cult members, the likes of Ahmednasir Abdullahi and the Migunas, plus other twitter revolutionaries and hecklers who are too embarrassed to join the dancing party in Ruto’s camp were very busy today. They must be very disappointed.

I truly feel sorry for Miguna, a very good friend of mine, who is now a Ruto sweetheart and does not even have the guts to say so.

They told us Uhuru has boycotted the Azimio Convention and this was just an ODM event. That is nonsense.

It would have been stupid and in fact, even counterproductive for Uhuru to be at the Azimio Convention.

Uhuru is the president of Kenya for those who do not know that even now.

Second, Uhuru was at the convention, when you look at the alliance Raila is building for the 2022 elections. Uhuru didn’t need to walk in there to show it.

Here is the scary fact for the UDA team, including the secret lovers hiding in the shadows.

Honest and genuine Ruto supporters and very hard-working operatives like Dennis Itumbi whom I respect for their honesty and hard work have been hoping that somehow Uhuru will bend backward and reconcile with Ruto in the 2022 elections.

That group has accepted the fact that Uhuru will not work with Ruto and also the fact that Uhuru will not sit on the fence in the next General Elections. Fair game for the nation. That is where we are. Thankfully.

President Uhuru Kenyatta is with Raila Amolo Odinga and everybody knows that is pretty much an unbeatable coalition.

President Uhuru by himself brings about 30% of the Mount Kenya vote with him to Azimio.

Uhuru, the politician, brings even so many more across the country.

Kenyans actually respect President Uhuru across the country. That is from the prestige of his office and his work for Kenyans.

Uhuru Kenyatta today is a heavy-weight political force in Kenya. If he is ready to work with Raila, that kills any Ruto hopes for the presidency. It is that simple.

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The other thing the distractors have been hanging on is that Mudavadi and other OKA leaders also “boycotted” the Azimio Convention.

Oh, Raila is alone they told us. Nonsense again. It was actually very respectful for a person like Mudavadi to say he is not going to the event. Mudavadi knows this is a Raila event.

If Mudavadi wants to be part of that coalition he will come to his terms and that should be respected. Same with Kalonzo and Wetangula.

The worst thing Raila could have done at the Azimio Convention is to come up with another Pentagon of NASA as the new hope for Kenya. That is not what the country needs now.

The country wants a new direction and it is the alliance between Raila and Uhuru, in coalition with other politicians in Kenya. That is what the Azimio Convention delivered very brilliantly to our country yesterday. It is going to bear fantastic fruits for our country and the nation is going to embrace it. I have no doubts.

I was personally disappointed Raila did not give specifics on how he will kill corruption in Kenya because I believe very strongly that unless corruption and theft of public funds in Kenya is brought to an end, we have no hope for any economic development in the country.

But I also realized Raila had to focus on the big picture which is what he did by addressing the specific needs of all regions in Kenya.

Raila talked about what needs to be done to ignite economic prosperity in Nothern Kenya in very specific terms. Food security, livestock development and infrastructure in the region.

Raila talked about the problems in the Coast and said specifically that the SGR project has to be dealt with to benefit everybody including port workers in Mombasa.

Raila talked about what he thinks are the priorities for every part of the country to spur economic prosperity and development for the country.

Those are really the issues Kenyans want to address in the next General Elections.

Raila is ready for that and if he puts everything on the table and builds a genuine alliance to achieve it then Raila Amolo Odinga is our 5th President.

If that is what Kenyans want then what is the problem? None for Kenyans.

We are ready for this. Bring it on. Thank you.

Adongo Ogony is a Human Rights Activist and a Writer who lives in Toronto, Canada

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