Americans Confess Dangers of GMO, Applaud Kenyans for Rejecting Bill Gates

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Americans on social media have applauded Kenyans for standing tall against the importation of GMO maize into the country and rejecting attempts by American philanthropist Bill Gates to flood the Kenyan market with his products.

A Youtube Channel ”GoingBlackToAfrica” under its ”Kenya tells Bill Gates “We will not be used as Guinea Pigs” Keep GMOs in America,” comments section has over 2,000 Americans confess the dangers of GMOs and how surprised they are that Kenyans have strongly opposed Mr. Gates, something they regret not doing in their own country, considering the adverse effects of genetically modified food on their agriculture and health.

Below are some of the comments:

”GMO will increase cost of farming to farmers because seeds will no longer be harvested and used. Farmers will be at the mercy of GMO companies who would have a monopoly and can use food as a weapon of oppression,” Winster Fredrick.

”GMO’s are banned in Europe. This is due to fears that GMOs have the potential to cause harm to human and animal health and ecosystems, as well as a dramatic reduction in plant diversity. If the Europeans won’t sell it in their country don’t let them sell it in yours,” Gus Maker writes.

Debra Green: ”This was excellent information and to see it talked about in parliament was also great. However, why is Bill Gates promoting this in Africa? I agree with the lady who said “let him do it in America and not use us as guinea pigs.” Leave our African farmers alone.”

”I hope Kenya stands strong!NO GMO,” Denise Moody.

”You don’t have to look further to see that GMO’s and franken-foods has caused obesity in the US. I pray that Kenya does right thing and rejects all GMO’s,” GeedawgOG.

”Tried that in Haiti also. Research what it does to the Bees and what it does to nearby organic farm produce. Don’t fall for GMO,” Lizzette Temple.

”Don’t do it Kenya, we are obese, unhealthy, and addicted to food here in America because of GMO foods, GMO corn/maize especially…..stay natural Kenya! Stay organic, if you have to import from neighboring countries,” Vital Talking Points.

”It makes me want to cry that this is a conversation that they are even having. I pray for the sake of their health, and for the sake of their economy they make the right decision to reject this evil that Gates is bringing them,” Courage to Change.

”I love the push back!!! Those of us who are informed about GMO in America, don’t want it and we don’t consume GMO,” Queen Nubia.

”I remember when the person who developed GMO in America was being interviewed and he made sure that the consumers had no right to know that whatever they were buying contained GMO because they might not buy it. The science was proven he said so the consumers didn’t have to know,” Ankhcious Man.

”I am happy that these smart individuals are fighting for their lives and the lives of the people in that country. All praise goes to the Gods of the universe, my creator who gave these people the power to fight, for what is right,” Eleanor Vails.

Last month, Microsoft founder and American billionaire Bill Gates was in Kenya for a business trip where he met President William Ruto, government officials, and other stakeholders in the private sector in a bid to find markets for American companies trading in the Genetically Modified Organism sector.

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