Africa Rising to Reclaim Its World Supremacy. You Are Either With Us Or Against Us

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40 years ago today, Thomas Sankara became President of Burkina Faso. He was overthrown in a French/CIA-backed coup after 4 short years.

Today, Captain Ibrahim Traore has taken power in Burkina Faso to fulfill Sankara’s mission of liberating Africa.

History is repeating itself however in different circumstances. With access to the internet, young Africans are now knowledgeable, prepared, and determined to re-establish the glorious African supremacy.

Africans have a legitimate demand that they should be allowed to decide for their own future, and how best to utilize their natural and human resources. Liberty, equity, and equality are universal human rights traits that every living person is entitled to.

Why do we have ex-colonizers and their African cronies destroying the lives of hundreds of millions of poor and desolate Africans? Africa is for Africans, and the African youth know this.

It’s a matter of time that these young Africans will act on their democratic right to elect their own sincere leaders instead of bowing to selected masters. Bravo to the ongoing enlightened awakening across the Mother Land.

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