A Country Where Nothing Works is a Disaster for Everybody

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For more than a year now Kenyans have been crying for rains to come so they can plant their crops and have hopes for the future. Everybody in Kenya including those in government has been begging for rains. In fact, William Ruto and his DP have been holding intimate prayers for rains to come. It has been drought and more drought.

The other day Gachagua was in Mt. Kenya thanking God for the rains and then the rains come and now we need to ask God to stop the rains because it has thrown the country into total chaos. What a mess we have in our country today.

Here is Murkomen praying that some drainage is done in the roads of Nairobi and elsewhere to make them usable by Kenyans.

Roads and Transport Cabinet Secretary Kipchumba Murkomen has directed Kenya National Highways Authority (KeNHa) to undertake immediate drainage procedures to resolve the flooding challenges along Mombasa Road and other affected areas.

He said the move is meant to ensure the safety of motorists and the smooth flow of traffic.

Personally, I am a big rain guy. I plant everything in my family home and land which is in a municipality so we have a lot of pressure to develop it which we are doing.

This week, I had a big fight with my nephew who runs our home because I wanted to plant Papaya fruits and he gave me two days to get it done because once the rains stop, he said, there is no need to do it. We had to get the plants, dig the land to plant them, and do the watering all in two days. He is a teacher and he has no time and only weekends work for him.

We made it in time for the rains. When will our country figure out what to do with the rain? God cannot do that for Kenyans.

Meanwhile, Ruto has to deal with these criminals. How dare you kick a little pot in the streets? You are going to jail for that.

Our country, Kenya, is something else with the fun of its people even when they are fighting for their country. Isn’t it? Real fun country we have. We will never ask for anything else. Of that the nation is sure. Kick it on.

I guess this is why Ruto wants free press banned in Kenya. You can’t be covering this kind of stuff. It is dangerous to the country. Don’t laugh now.

Adongo Ogony is a Kenyan Human Rights Activist and a Writer who lives in Toronto, Canada

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