Why Uhuru wants JB Muturi as next Deputy President under Raila Odinga

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Is President Uhuru Kenyatta behind Justin Muturi’s installation as Mt Kenya spokesperson and the subsequent announcement he is running for the presidency in 2022? Our mole believes Speaker of the National Assembly is the head of the state’s favorite, on who should be the next Deputy President of Kenya as Wiper leader Kalonzo Musyoka fits best the Prime Minister’s role.

A number of factors including current political turmoil in the  GEMA community assert the Head of State’s confidence in the Mbeere native. The domination of Mt Kenya West, mainly comprising the Kikuyu community and a feeling of taking over Mt Kenya leadership mantle after President Uhuru ( from Kiambu in the West), by their brothers and sisters from the East is at play. Justin Muturi takes to his bosom the Embu, Meru, Mbeere, and the Kamba communities in the upper eastern part.

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Apart from agitation it is time Mt. Kenya East led the vote-rich Central region, Deputy President William Ruto’s factor in Mt Kenya has been keyed in. It is not in question the former ally turned rival has made significant inroads in Uhuru Kenyatta’s backyard and currently enjoys noticeable support. Especially in Mt Kenya West, specifically the counties of Muranga, Kiambu, Nyeri, and Nyandarua whose recent by-elections he has beaten the president’s candidates.

Backers of Uhuru’s plan argue a disgruntled Mt Kenya East would back JB Muturi to the last man if he was the official spokesperson of the Mt Kenya region. Additionally, making him Raila Odinga’s running mate would make the deal even sweeter for the Embu, Mbeere, and Meru communities thus having the vote-basket fully secured.

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Apart from William Ruto’s factor, and the East-West split, Raila Odinga’s acceptability in Mt Kenya is considered. A perception rising from years of political propaganda, that Luos and specifically Raila Odinga not being electable as president is stronger in rural Kikuyu counties of Mt. Kenya West, compared to the East, where two ODM MPs (Igembe Central and Tigania East) were in 2013 elected to office and its leader has a bigger following.

JB Muturi announcing he is running for president in 2022 is just a gesticulation of what is coming next.

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