Why Ruto wants President Uhuru arrested, jailed

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Deputy President William Ruto has vowed to open an inquiry into President Uhuru Kenyatta’s conduct during his tenure, promising to jail and prosecute the fourth president once he (Ruto) takes over next month.

At the launch of the Kenya Kwanza manifesto on Thursday, DP Ruto, also the Kenya Kwanza flagbearer revealed he will form eight tribunals, task forces, and review panels to reverse a number of Uhuru Kenyatta’s policies.

”Within 30 days, a quasi-judicial public inquiry to establish the extent of cronyism and state capture in the nation and make recommendations,” a section of the manifesto, under ‘Ending State Capture’ reads.

Kiharu MP, Ndindi Nyoro a staunch supporter of UDA and William Ruto claims the president and his allies only make decisions that benefit their individual business enterprises, something they intend to reverse after the polls.

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”State capture has strangled our economy. The problem is that the President and his allies have over the last 10 years made policies and decisions to benefit his enterprise. Just like the Guptas in South Africa, everything has been choreographed to benefit the private businesses of those in power,” the MP said.

His statements were supported by Muranga Senator Irungu Kangata, who says certain families have dominated the country’s key sectors.

”Certain families dominate key sectors. The energy sector is in the hands of a few. The extent of capture needs a study, hence the proposal. State capture retards development. It establishes negative linkages between politics and the economy. This has nothing to do with Uhuru. It has everything to do with Kenyans’ wellbeing,” said the Muranga county UDA gubernatorial candidate.

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