Revealed: How UDA used IEBC to sneak in Controversial Elections bill

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UDA mandarins were the first to come out to oppose the new Elections amendment bill before parliament. Typical UDA.

What many people do not know is that it was UDA Party which, using its minions at IEBC, sneaked in the dubious changes which they quickly and mischievously opposed in the hope that the Uhuru-Raila Azimio side will blindly support the bill as a reaction to UDA’s opposition.

But the ODM Party saw through the mischief and rejected the amendments in totality. Minority Whip Junet Mohammed fired the first salvo.

In a tweet, Hon. Junet who is also ODM Director of Elections, dismissed the bill, indicating that ODM will reject the bill in its entirety if the dubious provisions it seeks to make law are not removed.

The Bill has now been committed to National Assembly’s Justice and Legal Affairs Committee to scrutinize make amendments before it is presented back to the floor for debate.

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