Police Blood is in Ruto’s Hands and Alfred Mutua can go Wipe it out for him

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Stupidity is something Kenyans expect from their politicians particularly this KK group of politicians but at the end of the day there has to be a limit to stupidity.

Tourism and Wildlife Cabinet Secretary Alfred Mutua obsession with how the protestors against Finance Bill 2024 are responsible for a police officer blowing his own hand with his teargas which he came with to brutalize protestors is one example where someone refuses to accept that being stupid is okay but don’t go overboard with it, please.

This is like saying if someone is trying to kill you and end up killing themselves then you are responsible for their death. In which world do people reason like that?

Who gave the injured officers the teargas? What was the teargas intended to be used for in a peaceful demonstration by Kenyans over a Finance Bill that will have a lot of effect on their lives? IG Koome with orders from President William Ruto sent armed police to go brutalize Kenyans doing what is legal in the country.

The way that officer blew his hand was the way the police officers were blowing up peoples heads and hitting them with teargas all over Nairobi. If Ruto is going to be sending cops to go attack Kenyans with teargas at least train them on how to use the damn teargas.

In this case, the police officer was trying to throw the teargas at the demonstrators and ended up throwing it at himself. Why is that anybody else’s problem?

Speaking on Wednesday in Narok during the launch of the National Wildlife Census, Mutua expressed his frustration with the conduct of youths which has now led to the maiming of the cop identified as Chief Inspector David Karuri Maina.

Mutua underscored the gravity of the injury to the officer and the effect it would have on his life and that of his children, saying the blood of the officer is on the protestors’ hands.

“As we sit here today, Chief Inspector David Karuri Maina has lost both his arms, today he is disabled, this man is a son, a husband and a father… the protesters have disabled him,” he said.

“My beautiful young people who are being driven by propaganda, look at the facts, don’t get involved in activism and violence that leads to bloodshed. That officer who lost his hands, his blood is on you who were demonstrating and causing violence.” 

Inspector Maina lost both of his arms while attempting to lob teargas at demonstrators.

Police reports indicated that Maina detonated a tear gas canister and delayed releasing it, which exploded in his hands, “severely injuring both hands from the wrist down and causing him to lose both forearms”.

“Let it be a lesson to all of us that the things we do in the name of fighting for ourselves, there are consequences to everything we do. Kenya is a good country but we need to be responsible with the powers that are given to us by our constitution,” he stated.

The former Machakos governor pledged to donate Ksh.1 million to help the cop and his family.

“I together with Governor Ntutu will give Ksh.1 million to take to the officer so as to try and help him because life has completely changed for him,” he said.

How much money is Mutua contributing to help fund treatment for the many victims of police violence on June 18, 2024. How much money did Mutua donate to the Kenyans including kids killed by the Kenya police during the mass rallies in July 2023 or was Mutua just thankful that some Kenyans were being killed by the police.

Is Mutua going to contribute money to this Kenyan woman being brutalized by a police officer who knocked her down and left yelling “wacha akufie hapo”.

And when is this cop being arrested and charged with committing violence against a Kenyan who was just standing doing nothing. In the new world of cell phones every Kenyan is a journalist who can video all police actions against citizens.

Adongo Ogony is a Human Rights Activist and a Writer who lives in Toronto, Canada

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