No Mr President Ruto. Kenyan Youth Won’t Give You Pictures of Police Killing Them

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Jocinter Anyango, mother to 12-year-old Kennedy Onyango who was shot during demos in Rongai mourns as they wait for autopsy report at Ongata Rongai Sub-County mortuary on the deceased on July 01,2024.

William Ruto showed his exceptional X Space skills by failing to connect the system to the public for more than an hour and then some sympathetic Kenyan youth who is an activist and expert on X Space Osama Otero offered Ruto a platform to salvage Ruto’s big idea of becoming a new Gen Z media guru which was falling apart.

Then a lot of very disturbing things were said by the president which he will have to deal with. On the killing of 12 year old Kennedy Onyango in Rongai President Ruto created a lot of smoke and utter disrespect for the dead kid and his family.

First Ruto said the story of a 12 year old kid shot and killed did not happen at all. Then when the president realized the family of that kid are in mourning as he was speaking, Ruto came back and said Kennedy Onyango was shot only once and not 8 times. The kid is dead and quite frankly who cares how many times the boy was shot. Then the president went on to claim that the kid was shot and killed by someone who grabbed the police gun and was shooting people.

Then when pressed about bringing police killing Kenyans to justice President Ruto asked Kenyans to provide him with pictures of the police shooting and killing Kenyans then he will have the matter dealt with. People were telling Ruto that there are notorious plain clothe police officers on rampage killing Kenyans and that is when Ruto asked for pictures from the public.

So when a 12 year old is murdered in the streets, President Ruto has very specific details of who killed the kid so as to protect his killer cops and he says it was someone who took a gun from the police but when police thugs run amok killing lots of Kenyans, Ruto has no information and he needs it from the public.

Mr. President there is a limit on how much you can lie to and fool Kenyans and you are exceeding that limit by far.

Does William Ruto want Jocinter Anyango the mother of the 12 year old boy killed by his police to come to State House and give him pictures of the police shooting her son to death?

As Ruto was doing his Tik Tok and Twitter shows telling Kenyans that “ONLY” 25 protestors have been killed and not 41 as reported by the KNCHR the family of Rez Masai Kanyike were burying the young man killed by Kenya police and they told Kenyans exactly what they are going through. Obviously William Ruto has no clue about any of that.

Rex Kanyike Masai/Instagram  Rex Kanyike Masai

Rex Kanyike Masai’s mother says he joined the protests in Nairobi after finishing work

His mother, Gillian Munyao, told journalists that her son joined protests after work and he was evading tear gas when he was shot in the city centre.

Rex Kanyike’s mum and the aunt who was reading her tribute broke down during the funeral service, where they spoke about his childhood.

Rex Masai who died in Finance Bill protests (l), his mum Gillian Munyao with her sister at his funeral service. Source: Youtube

Rex Masai who died in Finance Bill protests (l), his mum Gillian Munyao with her sister at his funeral service.

According to Mama Rex, the fallen Gen Z activist was the strength of her youth and her first feeling as a mother.

“My first sleep taker but it was for joy. I remember my first feeling breastfeeding you . I remember our first milestones; walk daddy, walk and you would look back at me smiling. Rex you turned my fingers into a thermometer, I used to measure your temperature, You taught me how to take temperature with w thermometer.

“You taught me how to be a lawyer, sweeping in to protect you whenever you were hurt. Here you are, teaching me how to live without you. Rex why? You left me with no last words, but only receiving a call and finding you lifeless.

I know you told God in the process after that policeman shot you; he watched you die slowly, blood draining out of you. Sincerely, this is more than labour pains, may the Lord teach me how to delete your number. Good night my teacher, my love. Goodnight Rex till we meet again.

Rex Kanyike’s burial sparks calls for Ruto’s resignation

Casket bearing remains of Rex Kanyike Masai during his burial ceremony at Kamuthanga Secondary School in Machakos County on July 5, 2024. 

Rex Kanyike Masai, the 29-year-old man killed during the onset of anti-Finance bill protests on June 20, was laid to rest on Friday at his parents’ home in Kamuthanga village, Machakos County with the family calling for justice for their son. 

Do those pained parents and family of Rex Masai Kanyike go look for pictures of the police officer and present them to William Ruto at State House for him to do anything about his police officers murdering Kenyans in a place like Nairobi in plain daylight?

Mr. President you need to work with the youth, human rights groups and the opposition parties to set up up a committee to investigate and give a full report on police killings and the entire activities of the Gen Z protests which are ongoing and could get even more serious.

You set up a committee to look at the debt crisis that is fine but you need to understand that there is no bigger crisis in Kenya’s history bigger that the Gen Z rebellion and the government response so far. Kenyans are demanding General elections in 2024. Deal with that or else.

Kenya is not going to degenerate into violence. Kenyans are very smart people and they love their country. Every president including William Ruto must always make sure they give Kenyans their country. There is nothing else they want.

Kenyan police officers and security personnel take position to protect the Kenyan Parliament as protesters try to storm the building in downtown Nairobi, Kenya, on June 25.

Kenyan police officers and security personnel take position to protect the Kenyan Parliament as protesters try to storm the building in downtown Nairobi, Kenya, on June 25.

Does President Ruto need the Kenyan public to send him pictures of those killers he unleashed on Kenyan youth in Nairobi?

At least five people were killed and 31 people injured in protests in Kenya on Tuesday, a joint statement released by several human rights groups said.

In the next one month or so Young Kenyans are going to be burying their beloved friends killed in the national protests to save the country. It is going to be hard and painful for them and for the country. How we deal with that matters. But it is going to be burial after burial for Kenyans killed by the police during the protests.

The other things President Ruto talked about in that X Space just tells you how petty he is. For example Ruto talked about getting Karen Nyamu and Ichungwah to calm down a little as if that would help anybody.

‘I Have Had To Sit That Girl Down’: President Ruto Speaks On Karen Nyamu’s Public Conduct
‘I have had to sit that girl down': President Ruto speaks on Karen Nyamu’s public conduct

“I agree that some of our officials are arrogant, some of them speak out of fun, and some display obnoxious opulence if I may say which does not just anger the public, sometimes I call some of those people and give them a piece of my mind,” said Ruto.

“She is a girl I have had to sit down and tell her, look, you need to do things differently. I know what is going on and I have promised that I will be making changes.”

Wonderful achievements by the president. Right?

Adongo Ogony is a Human Rights Activist and a Writer who lives in Toronto, Canada

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