Don’t Fire The Cabinet Mr. President. Let Kenyans Fire their MPs and Audit NG-CDF Everywhere Right Now

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There are growing frightened calls from President William Ruto’s friends for him to sack the bunch of incompetent CSs he has or dissolve his cabinet altogether. Still, quite frankly that solves none of the economic issues that the Gen Z protestors are raising. Ruto can switch the incompetents and it will mean nothing at all.

The dangerous incompetents Kenyan youth and the entire country want to deal with are their MPs. They are the ones who voted for the Finance Bill 2024 not the cabinet. Kenyans must have the chance to fire them or reelect them if they want and that has to be done before the end of 2024. That means President Ruto must dissolve parliament first.

Why did the MPs vote for the tax-oppressive Finance Bill 2024?

Ask the MP for Nyali Mohamed Ali and he will tell you that was because Nyali his constituency was getting Sh. 50 million extra CDF money to make the CDF go to Sh. 186 million.

Can Mohamed Ali tell Kenyans what he has done with all CDF money up to now? They will tell you they are paying bursaries. Where are the names of those who got those bursaries? Which schools was money paid to? Where are the financial records like bank deposits and cheques paid?

Kenyan MPs have turned the CDF into the Constituency Bursary Fund (CBF) because it is the easiest way for the MPs to steal all the money. After all, there are no records of anything. As a matter of fact the NG CDF the way the MPs are squandering it should officially be called the NG Constituency Theft Fund (NG CTF) and Kenyans must demand an immediate audit of CDF in the whole country right away.

In the transition process as William Ruto tries to stay in power we should start with the proposed National Multi-Sectoral Forum (NMSF) demanding that an audit of CDF be done to show the Kenyan youth how the money in the constituencies is being used to help them get education and jobs in the country.

NMSF can ask the Auditor General to pick a sample of say 20-50 constituencies and audit them then provide the results of those audits to show the youth how the CDF taxpayer money is used by their MPs.

The results will shock the country because the entire CDF money goes into the pockets of the MPs and all Ruto had to do was to add $ 50 million for every MPs pocket money called CDF and they were going to vote for the Finance Bill 2024 because they get their own personal money there. That has to be stopped but first the Auditor General Office have to be given a chance to do their work. There is no time to waste right now.

President Ruto Set To Host Gen Zs On X Space Today
President Ruto set to host Gen Zs on X Space this Friday

President William Ruto will engage Kenyans on social media platform X this Friday, amidst the backdrop of the recent wave of anti-government  demonstrations.

The Head of State made the announcement on the aforesaid platform via a poster highlighting that the session, to be conducted on X Space, will run from 2pm to 5pm.


So what is this X Space thing for William Ruto? It is a sign of a government totally crumbling in front of Kenyans. Ruto is now running a government that is falling apart and has no idea what to do next to stay in power.

President Ruto had a proposal in his second speech to the country in two days to for something called the National Multi-Sector Forum (NMSF) to have discussion with the youth of Kenya and set up an agenda to find solutions.

Now it looks like Ruto is already terrified of such a group because they could well come up with a solution that Kenyans need to have General Elections now.

So Mr. President now wants to have an X Space empty talks with his own sycophants and youth hired by his registered Tik Tok boy Dennis Itumbi and then Ruto will announce they have come up with a solution. And Kenyans already know what “solutions” Ruto are working on which is to fire a few CSs and declare everything has been solved. It is not going to work.

First of all the X Space that Ruto wants to use to fool Kenyan youth could be a nightmare for him. Second Kenyans are not interested in his CSs being fired. Kenyans want a new government by the end of this year and William Ruto is free to run for the presidency again. The only issue is to have a new voter registration for a few months and the country goes to the polls. There is no other way out of this quagmire for Ruto and for the country. It is that simple.

Today a Kenyan MP posted his Payslip to show Kenyans that he only gets a net income of Sh. 2,300 from his package of over Sh. 1.1 million monthly package from Kenyan tax payer money because he owns a million things and have to pay for them.

What MP Salasya did not enclose in his Payslip is that he gets over Sh. 133 million every year as NG CDF money for the development of his constituency. Can Salasya post the records of how that CDF money has been spent in the two years he has been the MP for Mumias East?

No, he cant because all that has gone to his pocket and that means other than their salaries the MPs have over Sh. 12 million every month as pocket money from CDF. If we can’s solve that problem, Kenyans will die poor forever.

Peter Salasya’s Payslip Ignites Debate On Kenyan MPs Real Worth And Frivolous Expenditures
Peter Salasya's payslip ignites debate on Kenyan MPs real worth and frivolous expenditures

On July 3, the MP, who is never shy of sharing his lifestyle with Kenyans, took to his social media pages to share his June salary – inviting Kenyans to dissect his earnings and gawk at his significant deductions.

The other face of the Audit should be on the counties that were supposed to bring development to the grassroots and the communities and have turned into complete monsters using all that devolved money for their own fun.

What hope does the Kenyan people have with all these while we keep talking about the 2010 Constitution which brought us devolution and the counties as the saviour for poor Kenyans. Where is that money for the counties going.

Everyone of the 47 counties in Kenya need to be audited so Kenyans know where that money is going. Otherwise the country is screwed.

Uproar Over Ksh.900 Million Spent By Meru County Gov’t On Foreign Travel
Uproar over Ksh.900 million spent by Meru County gov't on foreign travel

In the past week, Kenyans online have sought to hold the government to account to assess how taxpayers’ money is spent.

One of the key aspects that has since been highlighted is Ksh.900 million spent by the Meru County Executive during the first nine months of Financial Year 2023/2024. 

This is according to a report by the Controller of Budget dated April 2024. 

The report disclosed that Meru County spent Ksh.342 million on domestic travel during the period, comprising Ksh.182 million spent by the County Assembly and Ksh.159 million by the County Executive. 

For foreign travel, the County Assembly spent Ksh.42 million while the Governor Kawira Mwangaza-led Executive spent a whopping Ksh.903 million.

The report sampled various destinations by the County Assembly and displayed how the County Assembly spent their funds.

These included destinations to Australia (Ksh.1.6 million), Tanzania (Ksh.1 million), Dubai (Ksh.1 million), Kampala (Ksh.2.5 million) among others. 

In total, the County Assembly went to Arusha in Tanzania 14 times and spent a total of Ksh.28 million.

Kenyans have since poked holes into the amount, questioning how the Governor Kawira administration spent Ksh.900 million in only nine months.

Of course for the Ruto Regime everything works like this. It is kind of easy. Isn’t it? Clueless that is what it is.

Adongo Ogony is a Human Rights Activist and a Writer who lives in Toronto, Canada

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