Kimunya: Mt Kenya fully behind Uhuru Kenyatta

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Majority Leader in the National Assembly says the passing of BBI in both the Senate and the National Assembly is an indication President Uhuru Kenyatta was firmly in control of Mt Kenya politics. Speaking in Nyeri at a meeting bringing together the region’s MPs in the Kieleweke camp, the Kipipiri legislator said he was yet to see the fury Mt Kenya voters ground have on the president.

”Those who have been promised wheelbarrows in future must read the mood. The ground is solidly behind the President. We hope their leader has seen the light and will stop defying the President because the Head of State has the numbers on the ground and in Parliament,” Mr Kimunya said.

Insiders in Uhuru’s camp reveal an eleborate plan to have the president completely lock out DP Ruto and his allies from the region, as he (the president) takes charge of his succession, both nationally and in his Mt Kenya backyard.

Kieni MP, Kanini Kega is one of the MPs supporting of President Uhuru Kenyatta who believes Mt Kenya politics is about to change when the region’s kingpin will hit the road to reclaim any lost ground to the DP.

”Very soon, they will know we only have one leader in Mt Kenya, HE Uhuru Kenyatta. Where he will lead us, we shall go,” Kieni MP said, remarks which were supported by nominated Maina Kamanda.

”Uhuru will be at the centre of his succession. The DP’s meetings with some leaders from the Mt Kenya region are not about how to benefit central Kenya, they are merely based on how he plans to reward individual leaders with positions. They are battling to be his running mate and we are wondering where they will end,” Mr Kamanda said.

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