Kimunya: Ignore Tanga Tanga, Uhuru will not shortchange Raila

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Majority Leader in the National Assembly Amos Kimunya has waded in on the ongoing discussions surrounding the BBI and upcoming plebiscite. Speaking on Tuesday, the Kipipiri MP said President Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga were very committed to the BBI process. He dismissed the rumours of President Uhuru shortchanging his partner, Raila Odinga, saying it was a creation of Tanga Tanga.

”There are people who got shocked, who thought BBI is not going anywhere. They are now planting insinuations to rub ODM the wrong way. Unfortunately, some people within ODM may have swallowed the bait,” Mr Kimunya said.

The legislator said the BBI and the Handshake is a process and is something that will not end in 2022. He affirmed the initiative will transcend generations, and it is for the long term. Even after President Uhuru has retired.

“It is not an event. It is a process. It will not end with the BBI. It is supposed to be until all the policy issues have been implemented. It is a long-term thing and we are committed to it.

“Handshake is bigger than politics. The President is not a candidate in the 2022 elections. But he would want to see the country united even after he is gone,” he said.

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