Kenyans Unite in National Pride on July 7, 2024

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On July 7, 2024, Kenyans across various social media platforms expressed immense pride in their country, celebrating national unity and patriotism.

The day was marked by widespread displays of the Kenyan flag and expressions of love for the nation. The sentiments were shared by a diverse group of individuals, including public figures and ordinary citizens, highlighting a collective sense of pride and unity among Kenyans.

Kenyans participated in the Saba Saba March for Our Lives, a significant event marked by calls for political change, particularly the removal of President Ruto.

The day was filled with emotional and patriotic sentiments, with many expressing their love for Kenya and the collective action against corruption and political issues.

The march was highlighted by various activities and performances, including a world record-breaking run by Faith Kipyegon, which further fueled national pride.

The event saw widespread participation and support on social media, with hashtags like #RutoMustGo trending and discussions about political change and the future of Kenya.

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