Kenya Kwanza MPs Gagged from Publicly criticizing Government

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President William Ruto has asked his lawmakers to avoid the temptation of criticizing government considering the administration’s success depends on their support to achieve its mandate.

During a meeting with Kenya Kwanza MPs at Windsor Hotel in Nairobi yesterday, Mr. Ruto told the MPs they have a huge stake in the administration and must not join the Opposition in doing their job.

”You have a huge stake in this government succeeding. The success of this government is your success and the success of the people of Kenya. Our competitors in the opposition would be doing their bit. You must do yours. Sometimes there is a temptation to join the opposition in doing certain things, please avoid the temptation to join the other side when they are doing their job,” President Ruto said.

”The opposition’s job is to criticize the government and sometimes it’s easier to criticize the government and there is usually a huge temptation to join the criticism. You must remind yourself always that the government being criticised is yours so as you stand to criticize begin with yourself because this is your administration,” he added.

The president implored his MPs to take advantage of their coalition’s internal dispute resolution structures in case of any issues they needed to be addressed, as opposed to publicly calling out the government.

“If there are any issues that are of concern to anyone of us we have parliamentary group meetings, and caucuses like this one. We can seat here and correct us in-house and when we leave here we leave united to prosecute the agenda of the government that we set up,” he said.

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