Kabogo: Kenya will never have another leader like Raila

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Former Kiambu Governor and Wakenya Tujubebe Party leader William Kabogo has heaped praises on ODM leader Raila Odinga describing him as a leader who can never be written off in the country’s politics. Speaking on Friday to a local publication, Kabogo also explained the former prime minister was making great progress on his efforts to win the Mt Kenya votes and was almost to the peak of the mountain.

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”I can see Raila up there on the Mountain near the peak. Baba is a great leader who has sacrificed his all for the country. I dare say Kenya will never have another man like Raila. Baba is not a man you can write off. He is the only politician who can swear himself in as the people’s president and nothing happens. Just let others, even Ruto try swearing themselves in and they will rot in Kamiti. You can’t rule out somebody who got over five million votes,” the former Kiambu boss said.

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On whether William Ruto was the right pair of hands to take over from President Uhuru Kenyatta, Kabogo asked Kenyans to look into the DP’s track record while hitting out at his hyped bottom-up economic model saying it was nothing new to Kenyans.

”To start with, what is his track record? He has been a minister for many years, what did he do for Kenyans so voters can elect him? This thing about the bottom-up model is just being hyped for nothing, yet it’s not new,” he said, while cautioning Mt Kenya residents against electing leaders with empty promises.

”Isn’t the CDF a bottom-up economic model? Voters will look at what these leaders stand for or have done. Some are just promising, why promise when you have an opportunity to do what you are saying you will do next year? The people of the Mountain will make rational choices when it’s time to vote,” the Wakenya Tujubebe Party leader added.

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On President Uhuru Kenyatta’s succession, William Kabogo says the Head of State has no mandate to dictate to Kenyans on where and how they are supposed to vote when he retires next year, but can only talk to them persuasively on who he thinks should be the next president.

”He is a human being and entitled to that. What he can’t tell us is what to do, that is not his mandate. We gave him the mandate for 10 years, he is finishing it. He can’t tell Kenyans who to choose. No. He is our leader and can speak to us persuasively but not by force,” Kabogo said.

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