Government Implements Revolutionary Biometric System for Swift Police Clearance Certificates

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The government has unveiled plans to revamp its technology infrastructure to streamline the issuance of police clearance certificates, aiming to eliminate processing delays.

Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) head Mohamed Amin announced the transition from the Automated Palm and Fingerprint Identification System (APFIS) to the cutting-edge Multi Biometric Identification System (MBIS), signifying a significant technological leap for law enforcement processes.

Addressing concerns of public inconvenience, Amin explained, “This upgrade comes as a response to mitigate legitimate concerns from members of the public concerning the delays experienced in the processing of the Police Clearance Certificates.”

The contract signing between DCI and leading technology firm M/S Idemia Southern and Eastern Africa Limited marks a pivotal moment in enhancing operational efficiency within the criminal investigations department.

Under the new MBIS framework, processing time for certificates will drastically reduce from 14 days to a mere day, facilitating a seamless clearance process for individuals seeking documentation.

Amin further underscored the system’s broad accessibility, stating, “This feature will tremendously reduce paperwork in the whole process of acquiring a Police Clearance Certificate.”

With an expanded data capacity of up to 10 million criminal records, the upgraded system aims to address past system limitations and ensure a more effective and expedited verification process for applicants nationwide.

Amid ongoing challenges with delays in certificate issuance, this technological advancement represents a critical step towards modernizing law enforcement procedures and delivering prompt services to the public.

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