Gachagua Bombs Ruto from Within, Alianates Kikuyus: Sure Way to the Presidency in 2027. Or is it 2032?

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Some people thought that this Rigathi Gachagua guy was too dumb to be a deputy president of any country but surely nobody thought he would be this primitive and backward.

Yes, he wants to be the president after Ruto but even Ruto had to wait for the first five years of their Jubilee government with President Uhuru for Ruto to declare himself the actual president. Ruto gave Uhuru a little space before his ego exploded.

With Gachagua, he is starting his presidential campaign now after 100 days in office at a time when their own government does not know what to do about the big issues bothering Kenyans.

President Ruto cannot explain to Kenyans how he is going to deal with the high prices of basic commodities like Unga, Fuel, fertilizers, and all the basic things Kenyans need to live.

On the new year, Ruto said he eliminated the subsidies on fuel and food for Kenyans and “saved” Shs. 25 billion in the last three months. When Ruto talks about saving Shs. 25 billion for his government to spend on God knows what, he is telling Kenyans he has increased the cost of basic commodities and has taken away Shs. 25 billion from the pockets of ordinary Kenyans who buy those products.

That is a very strange way of saving. You take money from the pockets of Kenyans and give it to the government. That is the equivalent of imposing taxes on all basic commodities so the government has more money to steal and use on their pet projects. You are stealing from the people Mr. President.

Now Ruto says he is going to find ways to lower the prices of basic commodities without bringing back subsidies. That is nonsense. The government does not produce those basic commodities so it cannot determine the prices that the producers will charge. If the Ruto government wants to lower food prices without subsidies then just produce Unga, fuel and other products then charge whatever price you want.

The economists are telling Kenyans that once the subsidies for local production are removed, the imported food products would be cheaper for consumers and that could very well kill any efforts at local food production in Kenya. The businesses will just import food products once they know they have better prices than the same food produced in Kenya. Where does that leave Kenyan farmers and food producers who are their millions in our country?

The irony of it all is that Electricity, which is one product the government produces big time has charges hitting the roof and even that the Ruto government cannot fix. What else can they not fix?

Yesterday, the ever-erratic CS for Education Mr. Machogu was furious with Kenyans who were scared that the government is increasing school fees for Secondary School education by Shs. 8,500.00 per student per year to Shs. 53,000.00. The CS for Education lectured Kenyans and told them they were lying because even though school fees for their kids was going up it was not an increase because it was just the government taking school fees back to what they were pre-COVID pandemic.

By simple English Mr. CS, when the price of anything including education goes up by Shs. 8,500.00, that is called an increase even in the UDA world of self-delusion as saviors. Maybe Kenyans are going to be asked to borrow from Hustler Fund to pay their school fees. But then again, the school fees are more than the Shs. 500 loan that Hustler Fund provides.

Gachagua’s raging war right now is what he sees as saving Kikuyus from the mad Luhya Governor of Nairobi, Johnson Sakaja. To be fair, this may not just be a Gachagua war but actually, it is the president himself fighting Sakaja by proxy because Sakaja is not following the Bwana Asifiwe orders from State House. That is their problem to deal with between the two of them as to who is the street sweeper to face the dust and who sits barking orders from behind.

Today some unknown Nyeri Senator Wahome Wamatinga warned Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja of impeachment if he continues “joking”. In fact, this dude and other Mt. Kenya MPs claimed they are going to impeach Sakaja because they know he got his university education degree certificate from Gikomba Market. Maybe this is the guy who issued that certificate, who knows?

“We want to say Rigathi Gachagua is not your equal. If you continue joking, we will impeach you,” Wamatinga said. 

This is in connection with a disagreement between Sakaja and Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua on how to run the county.

On December 20, 2022, Gachagua warned Sakaja against implementing his plan to relocate matatus from the CBD to GreenPark Terminus. 

He termed the move as ill-intentioned which he claimed was aimed at persecuting the business community from Mt Kenya, adding that will disrupt businesses.

“I shall sit down with Sakaja because we are the ones who elected him. We must first discuss anything which can disrupt business in Nairobi. We do not need a lot of speed, go slow,” the DP said.

Weighing in on the issue while addressing mourners at Mathira constituency, Wamatinga reiterated the DP’s statement. He said if Sakaja failed to show respect to Gachagua, the Kikuyus were going to deal with him. 

“Rigathi made you the governor. Don’t play with the Kikuyu community. We will not relent,” he said

So some senator from Nyeri wants to come to Nairobi to fight Sakaja on behalf of the Kikuyus. It is terrifying to think what would have happened to Governor Sakaja if Gachagua or another Kikuyu tribalist like him was the boss the State House.

Poor Sakaja would have been publicly hanged at Uhuru Park by now and his body thrown into Nairobi river to rot with the garbage. That would teach him and others not to mess with Kikuyus. What kind of nonsense is this from Deputy King Gachagua? It is not going to happen. Kenyans are smarter than that.

Yes, Mr. Gachagua if you want to be the president of Kenya after Ruto, your naked and ugly tribalism is killing any such hope unless, of course, you want to be the president of Kikuyus, I don’t know in which country. Kenya belongs to all Kenyans and Nairobi is home to all those who live and work there.

The transfer of commercial transport vehicles to the Green Terminal away from the CBD was not limited to vehicles traveling to Mt. Kenya region but to all vehicles including those traveling to Western Kenya which is a huge market for commercial vehicles, to Nakuru, Eldoret, Mombasa and everywhere else in Kenya. Should those other Kenyans also call their tribal bosses to come to Nairobi and fight Sakaja?

Let’s leave it to Nairobi residents and businesses and communities to solve the Green Park Terminal and the whole transportation system in the city. If it was easy, it would have been done a long time ago. Kenyan leaders should not bring tribalism into the transport crisis problems in Nairobi or anywhere else in the country. It will not serve any useful purpose.

Mr. Gachagua, Kikuyus and other Kenyans are living very peacefully with others all over Kenya and doing business. Please don’t put a wrench in those positive relations between communities and start inciting tribal hostilities between ethnic groups. Even if you want to be the president in 2050 or whenever you are going to need more than Kikuyu votes to have a chance. Definitely, you will have to address your aggressive dumbness about what brings Kenya together to even get close.

In UDA, Mudavadi probably beats your ass without a sweat so just calm down please for the sake of our country. Can you discuss that at the UDA retreat with Ruto in Nyeri in the next few days before you put on the table plans to whack Sakaja out of the governor’s office?

You are truly a blessing to this country Mr. Gachagua. You wear your raw and filthy tribalism like a badge of honour and put it all in our faces and even the blind among us can see who you are and what kind of government you are running. Good luck.

Adongo Ogony is a Kenyan Human Rights Activist and a Writer who lives in Toronto, Canada

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