EXPOSED: Detained Venezuelans contracted to manipulate Kenya’s voter’s roll

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The current push and pull between the Department of Criminal Investigations (DCI) and the country’s Independent Electoral Boundaries Commission (IEBC) has exposed an elaborate plan to derail next month’s general elections by using foreigners to sabotage Kenya’s democracy.

According to credible sources who have confided to this publication, the plan is for Ruto to have a 1.2 million gap in the August election by manipulating the voter turnout. The electoral body intends to use 10,000 new KIEMS Kits to manipulate 120 votes each, in Ruto’s favor.

A figure translating to 1.2 million extra votes for the UDA candidate.

IEBC contracted Smartmatic to supply 10,000 KIEMS kits and software to run the election. Smartmatic is registered in London but has a Venezuelan owner, who stays in Panama.

Last year in August, this publication revealed negotiations between handlers of President Museveni and high-ranking officials from the IEBC had been going on for some time in Kampala, without the knowledge of other top officials from Kenya’s electoral body.

The plan by the IEBC and Smartmatic is simple, manipulate KIEMS kits to manipulate voter turnout.

The source also discloses that IEBC has placed 10,000 polling officers nationwide to ensure the manipulation goes as planned, something she says explains why 1 out of 5 returning officers are natives of the Rift Valley. The new 10,000 Smartmatic KIEMS kits represent 1 out of 5 KIEMS kits nationwide.

It is not the work of Smartmatic to supply Election stickers. It is the work of LYKOS- IEBC printer. The Venezuelans were here on a different mission: To manipulate Kenya’s voter register.

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