Revealed: Widow to Slain Dutch Tycoon was Married to the Late’s Brother

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Crime scene
Crime scene (Courtesy)

Riziki Cherono, wife to slain dutch tycoon Herman Rouwenhourst was also married to the late’s brother, the court has been told.

In new revelations by the investigative detective Reuben Mwaniki, Cherono was involved in a marital affair with the brother of the late tycoon, William Rouwenhourst where they sired a child.

For instance, the detective revealed through documents that Cherono had ideally been married to William Rouwenhourst and the two shared a son. A birth certificate of the child presented in court also proved the same as it bore the name of William as the child’s father.

Herman Rouwenhourst was murdered at his home in Shanzu, Mombasa with his wife, Cherono as the main suspect and mastermind of the murder.

In chilling revelations earlier in the week, detectives from the DCI revealed how suspects in the murder of the Dutch tycoon and his guard spent the money that was stolen from his house.

The tycoon had reportedly notified the wife about an impending divorce following domestic wrangles, a move that did not go well with Cherono.

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She thus derived a plan to eliminate the husband with whom they shared two children, aged 14 and 15 years.

Cherono narrated that five men had broken into their home on the fateful night, attacked a guard before gaining access into the main house.

According to Cherono, the thugs did not demand anything but ordered her out of the room and took her to the parking lot where her hands were tied with a string and the car was driven to an unknown location. Later, the husband was found murdered.

However, the activities of the main suspects in the robbery and murder raised suspicion. The main suspects, Timothy Omondi, alias Kelvin Omondi and Tonny Ochieng went on a shopping spree just weeks after the murder.

They built a new mansion in Bungoma and even purchased brand new household items including a TV, Radio system, a refrigerator, a tv stand and a solar system with the money said to have been the payment after completing the murder.

With the case ongoing, Cherono denied the charges leveled against her and is set to be remanded until September 16, 2021, where her bond ruling will be determined.

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