World Cup: Costa Rica’s First shot ever goes in and Morocco is in front

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Costa Rica was wiped out by Spain in their first game going down 7 to zero. Nobody gave them a chance since they did not even make a shot on goal in the entire game.

Then they come up against Japan, a pretty good team that won their first game against Germany. And bingo Costa Rica makes their first-ever shot on goal in the World Cup and it goes right into the net.

And that wasn’t enough for a crazy start in Qatar as the teams are now eying who goes to the knockout stage.

Morocco came in under pressure facing the so-called second-best team in the world, Belgium and they just crashed them.

All of a sudden Morocco has four points and is head of the team with Belgium and Croatia behind them and my beloved Canada team is next against Croatia coming next.

I am usually chicken in the games that have my teams and I fear watching them. My son is the opposite. He doesn’t like chicken fans. But he is not here so I will do what I want.

And that Morocco team was exceptional. They can defend very well against one of the great attacking teams that include Kevin De Bruyne, the best footballer in the world today.

And Morocco had their attacking line moving great. It was nice to see Hakim Ziyech at his best scoring a goal that was disallowed and then getting that assist for the second Morocco goal.

Adongo Ogony is a Kenyan Human Rights Activist and a Writer who lives in Toronto, Canada

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