Why do some Old People have such a Big Wish to fight Winnie Odinga?

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Winnie Odinga is young enough to be my daughter or even my granddaughter. I know nothing about her other than that she is very active in Kenya politics and she is the daughter of Raila Odinga. I thought people do not choose their parents so I have no idea what crime Winnie Odinga has committed by being the daughter of Raila Odinga.

It did not surprise me but I felt it was kind of nasty for old people like my good friend Miguna Miguna and Ahmednassir Abdullahi to go after her on their usual twitter political screaming for their new boys and girls.

This young Kenyan could be your daughter or grand daughter too. Why the big urge to talk nonsense about her just because she is Raila’s daughter? If you want to fight her father, he is out there go for it. Someone like Miguna has written two books about Raila which were supposed to have sold millions of copies and maybe he is loading a new book on Winnie Odinga.

At that rate, if Winnie chooses to have children some of these people will be busy fighting her children in the name of fighting Raila.

If Winnie Odinga was some nasty corrupt murderous politician like so many we have in UDA which some of these same people desperately support I would say yes that is fair game to go after her. But she is just a young Kenyan minding her own business and willing to do something about her country while others specialize in abusive talk about others. Like some of those who are attacking her now.

If Winnie Odinga is interested in politics, that is her right like any other Kenyan. She can stand for elections in any capacity and if the voters in that system choose her why are some people crying? Where in our country or our constitution does it say that the offspring of known politicians are barred from holding public office?

I would like that Winnie Odinga or any other son or daughter of any politician is treated with the same dignity and respect we treat Miguna’s sons and daughters and the same with Abdullahi. Nobody is fighting your kids, why do you want to fight the kids of people whom you have chosen to hate for whatever reasons?

It doesn’t make those people you are attacking look bad as you may wish it just makes you look mean and actually foolish. Attack her for her deeds and actions and just leave their parents out of it. Please. But then again maybe throwing twitter tantrums and attacking people is a full-time job for some people. Kazi ni Kazi.

But I must say I was happy to see Hassan Omar picked up by Kenya Kwanza. I was in Mombasa when Hassan lost his senatorial job to run for the governor and lost in 2017. My good old Mombasa friends whom I have known since the late 1980s when I was working there for a few years actually did not mind Hassan but they were telling me that he should have just run as a senator.

I got to know Hassan when he was working with the Kenya National Commission on Human Rights (KNCHR). He was very instrumental in the collection of evidence on the horrible crimes committed in 2007/8 Post Election Violence (PEV). So I have been wondering how he has become so hooked up with William Ruto, one of those accused of committing crimes against humanity at that time.

Luckily for him, I am happy he gets a job with EALA and it is his right to associate with whoever he chooses to politically.

As for those who want to fight Winnie Odinga, she seems to be just starting her political career and she may offer you a chance to have your own career in fighting her, and when you pass on hand that job to your kids to continue the fight.

Adongo Ogony is a Kenyan Human Rights Activist and a Writer who lives in Toronto, Canada

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