Uhuru to Ruto: Kimwarer money will not buy you heaven. Kenyans must stop the thieves now

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In his fiercest speech ever President Uhuru Kenyatta publicly denounced thieves stealing from the Kenyan coffers and trying to buy both heaven and our country. The president was explicit and direct. This was not a speech of parables and guessing game. It was a speech of here is the truth I know as your president and it is up to you as Kenyans to deal with it.

Those using money meant for dams have their place in hell the president said. Ouch that hurts particularly when William Ruto has been singing himself sore on how God loves him and he is headed to heaven unlike those who don’t like God and do not donate to churches.

Of course before Ruto arrives with glory and his singers at the gates of heaven he wants to go through the gates of State House and get more money to buy even bigger real estate in heaven.

Now Uhuru is telling the little Angel that he already has tons of land payed for by stolen Kenyan money in gold old Hell. Lets be serious, I hope Ruto is not trying to grab the entire land in hell because by the standards of Satan every time you rob the country off its resources the clerks in hell register that as a sale in Satan land.

“Even church leaders should stop telling lies to our people. Let’s tell the truth, you are being given 3 billion meant for Kimwarer and Arror dams meant for the children of God, then you come to mislead us,” Uhuru said.

“Don’t accept to be cheated. I will tell you the truth. I have no interest in this election except to tell our people that we should not go back where we came from,” Uhuru added.

“Do not come here just because you have been showered with stolen money in order to lie to us. No. You can’t. You can’t come and shower us with stolen money and tell us where we shall go while holding the Bible. You are the one heading to hell, not these people,”

Uhuru suggested that he will have no problem backing Ruto in future, only if he reforms. In other words this is not a personal thing for Uhuru.

“I’m asking you to support Raila Odinga as he means well for the Country. When “my young man reforms”, we will consider him,” Uhuru said.

Uhuru told Kenyans that he will not go back to the political field but he does not want Kenyan children to shed tears again. Uhuru enumerated the many economic and development projects his country has achieved in the last ten years.

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On those attacking him, Uhuru said they are always dancing on top of vehicles, they don’t work other than insults.

If you look at where I am headed, and our old men told you, an old man seated sees farther than a boy on a tree, Uhuru said.

They are saying Jubilee is dead but they should also tell me where Sh13 trilling came from, how we built 12,000km of roads, 78% from only 28% connected to the grid when I took over from (president) Kibaki. Then you come here to tell me Jubilee is dead? Is the government elected to be on top of cars or to go to work?

I have given more than 5 million title deeds going to 6million because I know where we come from.

There are people who don’t care about where someone resides and they will come to you and ask where you came from. I want that person to have a paper in their pocket (title) to have evidence of ownership.

One of them (Musalia Mudavadi) was the Finance minister. Tell him, the money he oversaw for all the years he was minister is not even half of what I have allocated to these governors who are here.

Kibaki left me a Sh5 trillion economy, today, the person I will hand government to, and it is that person (referring to shouts of Baba) Yes! Yes!

The one I will hand the government to, and you have mentioned him, I will leave him an economy of Sh13 trillion.

Then you say I have not worked? From five to 13 trillion? That’s the economy I will leave. And then they keep talking here. And today I will respond to them and I will tell them.

Now what does Ruto do?

My mother was a very smart chicken farmer. Chicken do not like to be rained on outside the house and they often run into the house before the rains but occasionally there is the unlucky one especially the small ones that get rained on badly.

When the covered in ran water gets to the house they are shaking and in bad shape. My mother will make a big fire and put them near there and they will just lie down and get warmed up and in good time they will be lively and running around. The last thing my mother would allow to happen is to let the shivering chicken into the rain.

Politically today, Ruto is in a worse shape than that a chicken crawling out of rain water.

So what does Mr. Heaven do? He is running right back into the rain to show how tough he is. If Ruto was my mother’s chicken with all the rain on him he will be in an enclosure near the fire to get his life back.

This is a huge nightmare for Ruto and his group and it would have served them better to think through things. They did expect Uhuru to just bluntly call their little god Ruto an irredeemable thief trying to buy the country.

The strategy for Ruto was to go for rallies all over Mt. Kenya region before Uhuru holds his Sagana rally and talk nicely about Uhuru and of course vomit all junk on Raila. That is the modus operandi for Ruto.

Talk nicely about Uhuru and talk about how he will complete the projects President Uhuru is working on and then when they go to other places like western Kenya heap all abuses on Uhuru including alleging that Uhuru is the real Azimio candidate and that he is a president who wants to succeed himself.

At one point Ruto and his friends threatened to take Uhuru to the ICC because he is trying to rig elections.

Now Ruto and his friends are fuming from both ends of their bodies after Uhuru exposed them as scumbags and thieves not fit to run our country. Now what do they say.

Put their tails where it belongs and ask Uhuru for forgiveness or blow smoke on Uhuru’s face and tell him Ruto and UDA already own the citizens of that region and Uhuru can go to hell in a hurry.

Let’s wait and hear from them. The dice has been rolled.

The one thing Uhuru did not do is he was never abusive towards William Ruto. Uhuru never threw insults at him and as we know a lot of our politics is about insults.

I am therefore very hopeful that when Ruto goes to Sagana on Saturday, he will be treated with respect there and left alone to present the issues that he thinks are important to Kenyans.

Kenyans have to accept each other even those whose politics we disagree with. That is what President Uhuru was asking for in his speech in Sagana.

Adongo Ogony is a Human Rights Activist and a Writer who lives in Toronto, Canada

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