Ruto’s slapping manifesto is dead

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William Ruto was supposed to be selling his manifesto right now. People thought the UDA leader would be doing his Bottoms Up plan now and smoking everybody’s ass as he heads to the big office.

Instead, it is Ruto’s bottom that is being smoked by none other than the man himself. Since releasing his manifesto, Ruto has been stuck for a week now fighting his own demons and talking about trying to kick President Uhuru in the mouth.

I thought the UDA leader can be crazy sometimes but not this crazy. He is losing the election in one big swing.

One minute he declares his love for Uhuru and how he got him into power and the next minute he wants to take Uhuru to jail if he becomes the president. There is an obsession but this is nuts.

Ruto has never been a leader his entire political life. He is always following somebody. And now he has nobody to follow. The whole country can see that and it looks terrible on him at the most critical time in the 2022 elections.

UDA clowns on Twitter are in a mess. When Ruto promises to fight Uhuru after he wins, they scream that is a winning plan within the Mt. Kenya community which they claim hates Uhuru. Then when Ruto expresses his mad love for UK, they say that is a winning game plan for the UDA guy in Mt. Kenya.

Nothing is working but William must keep talking. Keep going.

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The Ruto crowd like my friend here is in total disarray on what to do for their king from day to day. They have no idea where their man is going. He is going to Sugoi fellas, calm down.

It is a criminal offense to record someone without his permission, Lawyer Miguna Miguna has said.

His statement comes hot on the heels of debate surrounding an audio recording alleged to be that of Deputy President William Ruto.

Miguna weighed in on the matter and said it is illegal to capture someone’s private speech without their consent.

“It is actually a criminal offence to tape/audio/video record anyone without their consent. That’s the law. Therefore, those who surreptitiously recorded William Ruto broke the law. We cannot build a country governed by the rule of law if we tolerate illegal acts,” the tweet read.

But the king speaks. Why even bother with the video.

“Hio vitu mnazungusha kwa maredio ati William Ruto aliskuma Uhuru Kenyata namna gani. Kwani mlikua mnataka Uhuru Kenyatta awache kiti tulikua tumeamkia saa kumi na moja awe Rais tuwaachie watu wa kuzimia?

“Ati mnarecord Ruto alimskuma President Uhuru sijui namna gani, kwani mlitaka President Uhuru awache kiti ambayo sisi tuliamka saa kumi asubuhi kumchagua ili awe Rais? Awache kiti tulikuwa tumemtafutia, awachie mtu wa kitendawili? Atakama nilimlazimisha awe Rais, iko makosa?”

His statement can be loosely translated to; “What should I have done? Let Uhuru concede defeat yet Kenyans had woken up at 5pm to vote for him? You wanted him to give up and let Raila Odinga be sworn into the presidency? Was I wrong to force him into the presidency?” he posed.

“Even if I forced Uhuru Kenyatta to be President, is there a problem? Azimio supporters should stop this nonsense. They are spreading a recording saying that Ruto forced Uhuru to be president. If you were me, would you have accepted Uhuru to abandon us with the way we had pushed him?”

The Second in command added that he campaigned for Uhuru in his 2017 presidential bid more than the president.

“I used to wake up, hold three campaigns before the President woke up because he was my friend and there is no way I would let Raila take that seat away from him,” Ruto added.

“Stop the charade. ODM should stop pretending to value President Uhuru Kenyatta more than those who overwhelmingly supported him in 2013 and 2017: More than those who worked tirelessly to make him President. Those who stood by him. Stop this conmanship,” he said in a tweet.

The rejoinder by the DP comes a day after he was at the receiving end of numerous criticism from leaders affiliated with Raila over a leaked audio clip in which he said he almost slapped Uhuru.

In the clip, Ruto is heard talking about intrigues that surrounded the annulment of the 2017 presidential election.

The DP said after the 2017 polls were annulled, President Uhuru was almost quitting the fight for the presidency.

He claimed, in the audio clip, that Uhuru had in fact told him to let go of their presidency bid.

So tense was the moment that the DP said Uhuru even told him that he is retreating to his rural home in Ichaweri, Kiambu county.

“I left here and went to State House. I don’t want to say what I found him doing because we are men. There he is, he started showing signs of giving up. He told me he wants to go to Ichaweri. He told me that we quit the fight for the presidency. I looked at him and told him, you, it is because of respect but I would have slapped him.”

The funniest thing here is that Ruto says he was not going to let Uhuru give up and let Raila take the presidency and right now that is exactly what is happening.

Raila is taking over from Uhuru the same way Kibaki and the same Raila took over from Moi when Ruto was fighting for Uhuru to replace Moi. Oh, dear.

Talking about slaps. Here is what we know.

  • Deputy President William Ruto has dismissed claims by former Lugari Member of Parliament Cyrus Jirongo that he was once engaged in a confrontation with the slain businessman Jacob Juma.
  • At Juma’s requiem mass held in 2016 at the All Saints Cathedral in Nairobi, Mr. Jirongo said’, ” If the IG is sincere, Jacob Juma slapped the Deputy President some time back, that is where the investigations should start”. 
  • Mr. Jirongo further added that the same hit squad that killed Juma , strangled Mr Meshack Yebei – an International Criminal Court witness killed during the time the DP had a case at the Hague-based court.
  • In a statement sent to newsrooms, Ruto through his lawyer Korir Sing’oei threatened to sue Jirongo over the remarks which according to him, insinuated that he was involved in the businessman’s murder. 
  • “His Excellency William Ruto is further categorical that he never had any physical contact with the late Jacob Juma and the allegation that the deceased slapped him could therefore never have arisen,” the statement read in part.
  • The DP’s counsel said that his team was reviewing remarks made by Jirongo and other leaders at the memorial of the late Juma before taking legal action.
  • “Given the potentially defamatory character of the narrative aforesaid, it follows that parties that perpetuate the dissemination, publication or circulation of this narrative will not escape legal culpability,” Korir concluded.
  • Months before he was brutally shot dead by unknown people, Juma said on Twitter, “The person who is obsessed with plans to kill me is William Ruto. I am aware about it. I know that my assassination was planned on Tuesday [sic].”
  • The Directorate of Criminal Investigations confirmed that controversial businessman was assassinated, further fueling speculations, especially by leaders of the Opposition at that time who constantly claimed that the government killed Juma.

Adongo Ogony is a Human Rights Activist and a Writer who lives in Toronto, Canada

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