Ruto’s Cabinet of Hustlers and Outright Thieves

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William Ruto is throwing real dirt and filth in the faces of the Kenyan hustlers who thought they have a government to pay attention to their needs. Ruto’s list of cabinet positions is of who is who in the world of the super-rich in Kenya and in many cases outright criminals including murderers.

Those are the real Ruto hustlers and the mama mbogas and boda boda operators can now take time off and figure out how to survive out there.

It all started with Ruto withdrawing long-standing charges against his group of criminals so that such people could be appointed to the cabinet.

This was never a surprise to Kenyans who saw the UDA leader nominate Gachagua as his deputy when the same man was facing a Shs. 7.4 billion theft charge after stealing government money and also had Shs. 200 million blocked by the courts from his accounts for theft.

When such a person is your hero Kenyans know very well where you want to take the country and that journey is on now.

The Gachagua cleanup is ongoing as we speak.

The President is trying to help him get his Shs. 200 million back from the courts and right now there are initiatives in court already by the DPP to have his Shs. 7.4 billion theft case withdrawn, so he can resume his stealing of our public money with clean hands to add up to those billions.

The Director of Public Prosecutions Noordin Hajji has become the Director of Ruto Pardons for those who have been robbing Kenyans all their political lives. They need new opportunities and Bwana Asifiwe is providing that in plenty.

Some of the stuff Noordin Hajji is doing are just insane even by Ruto’s standards.

Take the case of Aisha Jumwa charged with murder and theft. DPP already cleaned her off the stolen money. She can add that to her wealth which she reports to parliament at vetting time.

Now the DPP wants to take away the murder charges Aisha Jumwa faces for killing 48-year-old Ngumbao Jola on October 15, 2020, when chaos broke out during the by-election.

It seems with the Ruto government, murderers will have their cases withdrawn as long as they offer to pay a little money to the families of their victims. Isn’t that just wonderful for the dead victims and their families? The killer already has stolen money to give you a little change and they are just about to get a whole lot richer working for the government.

In normal countries and even in Kenya before we got here with Ruto, criminal offenses like murder are between the state and the accused.

It is not between the family of the killed and the killers. Otherwise rich people will just kill people everywhere and offer to pay some family members. There is no such justice system anywhere else in the world. Family members can become witnesses if they were there or do nothing at all but the case is between the state and the killers.

If the killers want to compensate the victim’s families that is fine but that has nothing to do with the murder case.

Aisha says she did not have a gun when she and her bodyguard went and murdered the victim. That has nothing to do with anything. You were there. What did you go there for? If you come to my house and tell your bodyguard to shoot me dead, you are responsible for that death together with your bodyguard.

Didmus Barasa must be feeling great right now. Just come up with some money to pay the family of the guy he shot dead in Kimilili and Ruto will help him bury this matter and the charges withdrawn. No kidding.

I am waiting to hear what our human rights and civil society groups are doing about this withdrwal of murder charges because if Ruto and his cohorts in government want to create a system where we can have murder charges resolved out of court then we don’t need the courts at all for anything.

Murder is by far the most serious crime anyone can face.

If you can buy your way out of it then the Ruto government might as well just abolish the courts altogether. Thieving is legal now if you work for the President. Rape was already legal for Ruto’s friends like Linturi and now we are adding murder on the list. Bingo. Everything is good for any criminal in Kenya. They are officially in power in Kenya now.

Is Aisha Jumwa the only woman out there that William Ruto can appoint to that very important office of Public Service and Gender Equity. What an insult to Kenyan women that is going to be their face in this docket handling all the issues that they need to be addressed.

The other really frightening thing to ordinary Kenyans is watching the lineup of Ruto billionaire and millionaire friends being vetted for cabinet jobs.

So far from the people that are being vetted it looks obvious that the first qualification to fit in the Ruto cabinet is, you have to be very rich and we all know where most of these people got their money. Everyone comes with a list of how many hundreds of millions worth of assets they own.

It was amusing to see Mudavadi claiming he has Shs. 500 million in assets including buildings all over the country including big ones in Nairobi and yet the same Mudavadi admitted to having a home in Woodley Nairobi owned by the government.

Why does this billionaire have a government home in Nairobi? Does he even live there? No. Who lives there? Did he rent it out? Has he given it to some family member? Where are his rent receipts for the duration he has lived in the house?

And the list goes on and on. We have Davis Chirchir who is re-appointed to the CS for Energy where he was fired when money was disappearing in the ministry into their pockets. Ruto is telling him please come back and do the same thing.

ChirChir is Ruto’s political henchman but sure does he have to appoint him to the exact same ministry where he was dismissed for stealing money?

The message Ruto and his government is sending to Kenyans is that his government and his chosen ones are going to rob the country clean.

It will probably work for him but not for very long.

I found it laughable that some of my friends like Miguna Miguna were busy fighting the vetters claiming in the Star Media that the vetting is not serious. That is like complaining that the grave diggers are not digging it good enough to bury the dead body and pretending that you are protecting the life of the dead. Waste of time.

The issue we need to take seriously is who the hell is nominating all these scumbags to run our country and that is William Ruto. If anybody has any serious complaints about the quality and integrity of the candidates take that fight to Ruto who is nominating them. Not whining about MPs when we know that all the nominees will be appointed because of political math in parliament.

Then there is that talk about education and whether the nominees should have university degrees. Personally, I don’t care about that because some of the most stupid politicians and worst thieves in Kenya are actually very highly educated.

Integrity and Chapter Six of our constitution is the real issue here and Ruto is burying that a million miles below the soil in our country never to be seen in his world. Kenyans will address that because it doesn’t surprise them at all.

Adongo Ogony is a Human Rights Activist and a Writer who lives in Toronto, Canada

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