Raila must sign a “Public Thieves Charter” to finance the Social Protection Program

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On Tuesday, Raila Odinga and Martha Karua in a live media address to Kenyans declared that Azimio government is committed to fulfilling the promise of Shs. 6,000 per month payment to families living below poverty line and the KNBS data shows that will be 2 million families.

The monthly payment will amount to Shs.12 billion which adds up to Shs. 144 billion per year. That is not little money by any standards. The question is where will Raila and his Azimio government get that money from.

Raila and Martha both declared that the money will be available once they seal all the panya routes to stop our politicians from robbing Kenyans every day. In fact, Raila pointed out that Kenya loses Shs. 2 billion per day to political thieves in the country.

So let us have a plan and there is no better way to start it than looking at the statement by one of the accused massive robbers of Kenyan public money Mr. Rigathi Gachagua, Ruto’s DP running mate who proudly told Kenyans today that his bank account which is frozen today because he is facing charges of stealing Shs. 12.5 billion will be unfrozen as soon as he and Ruto take the government.

That is their main agenda and Kenyans know it. Thieves want to take over the country and robbery of public money will be legal. In fact, Ruto’s main agenda in fighting corruption is that politicians will never be targeted in fighting corruption.

Since it is only politicians who steal public money Ruto is saying the so-called war against corruption in Kenya will be dead as soon as he takes power. And his running mate just confirmed the whole plan. Thanks for the info buddy.

”You all know the current government has frozen all my bank accounts. When our government gets to power and I become the Deputy President, I know my accounts will be unfrozen, I know my salary will increase,” he said.

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Mr. Gachagua also promised to build a “state house” in Konyu ward where he would meet locals and have a good time with them.

“I will build a good house in this ward where we shall be enjoying regular meat-eating and drinking sessions with local men. My wife will also have her place where she will be meeting with other women,” Mr. Gachagua said, before quipping, “Is that okay with you people?” The crowd answered “yes” in unison.     

The Mathira MP pledged to raise his donations to churches tenfold if his alliance forms the next government.

He said: “I thank the church because if it were not for prayers, I would not have been elevated to this position. I promise that when I get there I will increase my donation to churches from Sh100,000 that I have been donating to Sh1 million. I know God will bless me more.”

Just listening to that kind of thievery rant from a possible Deputy President of our republic makes you sick to your stomach. Basically, these guys are telling Kenyans that they have a right to rob the country and run and the best way for them to do that is to take the presidency.

Thanks for letting us all know your plans.

Here is one thing Raila and Azimio need to do very fast.

Sign “Public Thieves Charter” where all politicians in Azimio commit and promise to implement it from day one in office. The charter will be applied to everybody including the UDA thieves.

Here it is:

  1. Every politician or civil servant involved in the theft of public money will be subjected to an open and independent hearing and trial in a court of law.
  2. Once any person whatever their position in power is convicted of theft and robbery of public money or property they will face the full consequence of the law. If it is jail time they will go to jail.
  3. All stolen money and property will be retrieved upon conviction. This means if you stole Shs. 12.5 billion and you are found guilty of that you will go to jail if that is the decision of the court but the government will take the money you stole and give it back to the Kenyan people.

That is all we need in the “Public Thieves Charter”. Very simple, honest and straightforward. Raila and Azimio should put this in place as soon as possible.

A few more things to say about the social benefits program.

The money required is significant but it is doable and the benefits could be huge for the country, its citizens, and the economy. That money goes to people who will directly spend it for basic needs like food, medical expenses, education for their kids and the Shs. 12 billion in one month will be pushed back to the economy right away.

When the politicians and their friends steal Shs. 70 billion meant for water dams in Kenya they don’t spend that money in Kenya. It is gone in their safe accounts outside the country and Kenyans still pay the whole loan with interest for decades. This is the biggest problem we have to solve as a country. We just cannot borrow money for political thieves who proudly tell us they will give a little bit of that money to the churches before they go to heaven.

They can have their heaven even if it is in Sugoi. Kenyans need their money to develop their country. On August 9, 2022 they will make that call. It will be 20 years since the Moi dictatorship was removed from power by the popular vote. That requirement of history is upon the nation once again. Kenyans will live up to it.

Adongo Ogony is a Human Rights Activist and a Writer who lives in Toronto, Canada

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