Publish the 2022 Presidential Real Election Results and let Kenyans Deal with it

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The threats and panic from the Ruto barking dogs and Ruto himself tell Kenyans one thing about the whistleblower election results. They know they have been caught red-handed. I have read that whole report myself and it is out there on social media as we speak.

Raila did not manufacture it. Azimio did not just invent that report. It is from inside the IEBC and it is presented constituency by constituency.

Azimio should publish that whole report and make it available to Kenyans as well as gazette the whole piece in the local papers. It is only 11 pages and that can be gazetted. Then Kenyans will meet Ruto and Gachagua in the battlefield if that is what they want.

Kenyans met Moi there when that was the only option and Ruto knows very well how it went down. The crap talk that this is just about Raila looking for a handshake is absolute nonsense.

If Raila was to offer a handshake to a filthy illegitimate government Kenyans would cut his hand off. This is very serious business. Kenyans were very ready to put this election behind them and move on but if serious issues immerge they have to be addressed instead of just issuing threats because we know exactly where that leads to and we have been there before. Kenyans are not afraid of that battle if it comes to it.

President Ruto’s idiotic statement today makes it clear that he has no idea what to do were he to come face to face with a militant opposition movement like the one Kenyans gave Moi when he became a dictator and Kenyans decided his time was up. According to Ruto something called “Agriculture Cartel” is financing Raila rallies.

Mr. President, opposition rallies are never financed. People go there for their country and in Moi’s days where you were a big part, many people were shot and killed in those rallies and they still came in larger numbers every other time.

This Ruto government cannot figure out what to do to help Kenyan farmers as they promised and now everything is about cartels. Who knew that the cartels would go inside the IEBC database and give Kenyans the real election results instead of the trash bag released by Chairman Wafula Chebukati.

President William Ruto says cartels in the local agriculture sector are behind Azimio La Umoja leader Raila Odinga’s planned public rally on Monday.

Key of the issues he is expected to address with his supporters is the recent report by a purported IEBC whistleblower claiming that Odinga won the August 9, 2022, General Election.

In a speech during an interdenominational church service at Kirinyaga Stadium, Kirinyaga County, on Sunday, the president claimed the rally, which he called a protest, is the brainchild of rogue players in the agriculture sector who are upset that his government is planning to weed them out.

“We must ensure that farmers’ businesses are thriving because they are the surest solutions for our food security intervention. These cartels and corrupt people in the coffee, tea, and milk industries are the ones financing the protests because of our plan to get rid of cartels,” said Ruto.

He urged the purported cartels to go ahead with the ‘protest’ but warned them that their days are numbered.

“Let them protest however they want but they must leave farmers alone. They can finance whatever they want to finance but our farmers can never be the slaves of brokers and cartels who have taken hostage our market,” he said.

According to Odinga’s spokesperson, Dennis Onyango, the former prime minister will land at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) on Monday at 11 AM then head straight to the Kamukunji Grounds where he has urged his supporters to turn up in large numbers.

“Upon arrival, Mr. Odinga will proceed to the Kamukunji grounds in Kamukunji Constituency for a People’s Baraza consultations with the public where they will discuss recent disclosures by a whistle blower on the conduct of the 2022 general election,” Onyango said in a statement to newsrooms on Saturday.

Azimio leaders have in the meantime promised to issue a comprehensive statement regarding the dossier, detailing how last year’s polls were allegedly rigged in favour of Ruto.

The report claims Odinga won the polls after garnering 8,170,355 votes ahead of Ruto who reportedly managed 5,919,973 votes.

Kenyans want to move on with their lives and not be stuck in the election manenos but this a big issue to be addressed. Kenyans need a complete independent audit of the election data. In fact that should have been done at the Supreme Court hearing but the Supreme Court dropped the ball. Now Kenyans have to pick that up and deal with it.

This can be handled in an organized peaceful way which is the best option for the country or it can be a complete war in the streets. If elections are useless why should Kenyans even bother to have them? This is not about Raila, Ruto or Azimio and UDA. This is about Kenya and the legitimacy of our elections. This is really about our nationhood. It is that important and has to be addressed in that manner or else.

Adongo Ogony is a Kenyan Human Rights Activist and a Writer who lives in Toronto, Canada

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