President Uhuru to face off with DP Ruto in Mt Kenya

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President Uhuru Kenyatta will soon start hitting the ground in his Mt Kenya backyard to explain what his government has done to the people of the region in the last nine years and what benefits the populous has had since the Head of State took power in 2013.

According to nominated MP Maina Kamanda, President Uhuru Kenyatta will start a one on one engagement with the people of the mountain in a number of planned political rallies to not only explain himself but also to offer the region political direction as Uhuru seeks to depolarize UDA and clip his deputy’s wings.

”Uhuru will be coming to say what he has done and what he wants. Those asking him to remain silent in the coming election should now know that he is coming. He will not leave the country in the hands of bad people. He will not allow UDA to win any seat from the region. Those politicians who are rushing to join UDA will soon realise that they moved to the wrong side,” Maina Kamanda said.

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During the interview with a local media station,Kamanda, also a staunch ally of the president has said he is not planning to retire from active politics and intends to serve the people of Nairobi at a more advanced level as their Senator.

”I have been listening to the people of Nairobi. You cannot say I’m old to lead the people of Nairobi yet they are telling me to lead them in the Senate,” the nominated legislator added while asking DP Ruto’s UDA to brace themselves for a thrashing in the city at the August polls.

“Nobody is thinking about Ruto in Nairobi. UDA will not get any political seat in all the 17 constituencies within Nairobi. This is because we have made a plan on how we will win the seats.”

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