Oscar Sudi wants Raila’s children dead: How does that help Ruto and UDA?

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There are vile and ugly people with a lot of filth in their hearts, their soul, and their mind. Then there are outright animals who should never be part of the human race even in the most primitive nations of the world.

Oscar Sudi belongs to the latter group.


And this guy is one of Ruto’s main guys who goes all over the place with Ruto and has been known to abuse people including Mama Ngina Kenyatta and lately Pauline Njoroge a blogger who was part of the delegation with youth at State House on Friday and it earned her all sorts of sexist abuse from Mheshimiwa Sudi in his Twitter of course.

Sudi wants Raila’s daughter, Rosemary Odinga, being treated in India dead like Fidel Odinga so that Raila can stop playing with their God.

Pole Sana Baba" Raila's Mission To India Leaks As His Daughter Rosemary Is  To Undergo Treatment - Ghanamma.com

I am assuming that God of theirs that Raila is bothering is William Ruto because I suspect the other God is not this evil.

These ugly characters are supposed to be our national leaders in a Ruto government. What have we as a country done to God to deserve that punishment? Did we Kenyans kill Jesus Christ with our bare hands? I don’t recall that happening in my lifetime.

The good news here is that the issue of who will be Kenya’s next president, will not be determined by their God but by the Kenyan voters who are now seeing in real life an endless list of very uncouth characters surrounding Ruto as they hunt for power. They are going to meet Kenyans who will deal with them and their God accordingly and send them where they belong. In the dustbin of history.

How does Rosemary in her treatment bed feel about this? I hope she doesn’t read or hear about it.

She just needs some peace and her family went there to be with her in a tough hour of need.

Can William Ruto have the courage and simple human decency to publicly condemn Oscar Sudi for engaging in that terrible level of hateful garbage?

He can’t but I hope Ruto doesn’t share the same sentiments or maybe he does who knows. The company you keep always says a lot about you.

OSCAR SUDI is overworking – RUTO should award him accordingly if he becomes  the President – Look at these PHOTOs.

When you see this kind of behaviour from Ruto’s insiders you can understand why his boss President Uhuru Kenyatta wants Ruto very far from power and should never step into State House. Imagine plain rogues and imbeciles like Oscar Sudi being part of the big Ruto think tank at State House running our country.

The president has seen this madness around him for nine years and he is giving Kenyans the heads up not to allow complete disaster into the State House by giving the presidency to these kinds of people and their thinking. They would ruin our country. We hear you loud and clear Mr. President.

Kenyans will lock that gate. Even in our homes, you don’t allow a hyena into your house and then start fighting to get it out of the house. That would be too late. That gate is going to be locked very tight. Thanks for the warning.

And while all that is going on and Ruto is running around with his Sudi, Raila Odinga, the statesman is in India talking to the Indian Prime Minister Modi about trade and developments in Kenya and Africa while also attending to his daughter’s health needs.

Adongo Ogony is a Human Rights Activist and a Writer who lives in Toronto, Canada

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