Orengo: I quit national politics for Siaya governor’s seat

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Siaya Senator James Orengo has announced his intentions to leave the national political scene, saying it was time he returned to Siaya to work from home. Orengo, who is also the Minority leader in the Senate has been a critical player inside Raila Odinga’s political inner camp, especially on legal and political matters at the national platform.

”I have run around this world and especially this country. I have even been imprisoned, from Siaya to Naivasha and even Kamiti prison in Nairobi. I have done a lot of national politics and I believe it’s time I returned home to work from here,” Senator Orengo announced last week in Siaya.

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Despite being home to political giants like the first Vice President of Kenya Jaramogi Oginga Odinga and former PM Raila Odinga, Orengo says Siaya county has not enjoyed benefits of devolution despite being the godfathers of the devolved units, transforming various parts of the republic.

”We want our people to benefit from devolution. Once parents struggle to educate their children, they must get returns from them and not languish in poverty because the children are unemployed. Together, we must grow Siaya,” he added.

However, Orengo’s announcement he is in the race to succeed Cornel Rasanga next year has not been taken kindly by his competitors, among them former National Police Service Spokesperson Charles Owino. Mr. Owino accuses the senate minority leader of betraying Raila Odinga’s 2022 presidential cause if he was to switch and start campaigning in Siaya to be governor.

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If Mr. Orengo successfully runs and clinches the Siaya gubernatorial seat in 2022, he joins Professor Anyang Nyongo, another key ally of Raila Odinga who left national politics to become the Kisumu governor’s in 2017, after serving as the county’s senator from 2013.

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