Murkomen ready to fly KQ planes in his Red uniform. Who needs the Pilots?

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These clowns are determined to run the country to the ground and then stage a dance on it. Talk to the pilots and deal with the issues. That is how problems are solved. Your political noise-making time is over. Get to work or Kenyans will get to work on you very quickly and fast.

The airline is likely to lose close to Sh300 million every day if the strike persists.

Transport CS Kipchumba Murkomen termed the ongoing strike by Kenya Airways pilots as economic sabotage.

The airline is currently working to re-route international flights through Ethiopian Airlines and local ones via Jambojet.

Is this economic sabotage as Murkomen says? Yes, it is and it is being staged by the Ruto government against itself. Stupidity has limits particularly when you are running a government which is a very complicated business.

If Ruto and his chaps continue to screw this up, KQ could go bankrupt and Kenya would have no airline of its own at all. That is not a small matter.

The Ruto boys wouldn’t know that as they are very busy fighting “State Capture”. Let them wait until they capture themselves in the state. We knew that a Ruto government was going to be a mess but does it really have to be so messy? There was a time when their political life was just to talk about Raila. That can’t work anymore. What else?

Raila is in Mombasa from Homabay talking to folks there. Uhuru is in Burundi coming from South Africa trying to sort out big wars and conflicts in our continent. Where is Ruto to deal with the problems Kenyans are facing right now? He will be in some prayer event on Sunday and I am sure that will solve all the problems for Kenyans.

Murkomen says that they need to build SGR to Kisumu and as we know they are losing billions every year on SGR. If Ruto and his squad want to take SGR to Kisumu and Malaba so it can reach its potential as a regional sea-to-land transport system and make money, they will need a few hundred billion shillings to do that. Where will that money come from? Nowhere.

If Kenya wants to sustain its Kenya Airline (KQ) it will need to put billions there to make the airline viable. Where is that money going to come from?

Maybe William Ruto can start that by giving back Kenya Airways the land he stole from them to build his Weston Hotel. That is worth a few billions. It could be a start. That will not happen because now the country is being told “Freedom Has Come” for the thieves who run the country. Fine. Let’s see how far they can go.

Adongo Ogony is a Human Rights Activist and a Writer who lives in Toronto, Canada

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