Kalonzo Should ask Ruto for a Job Instead of Making a Complete Joke of Himself

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Please Mr. Kalonzo, this is 2023. Starting to campaign now for the presidency in 2027 is just plain stupid. And then you keep calling yourself a fool or not a fool and all that. What is that all about? If you don’t want people to consider you a fool stop calling yourself a fool.

Kenyans are facing some really frightening times in their lives. The cost of living is up in the sky. Our president keeps talking about digitizing everything from farmers to roads. In fact, they may be digitizing poverty and starvation so that only your phone starves and takes all the pressure from your stomach and you will be running around happy and feeling great.

There is no solution in sight for the problems Kenyans face right now. Kids are getting back to school and to colleges and it is just too expensive. I was just talking to my young niece going to college in Thika today January 6, 2023. Her parents have done everything to get the money for her to get there.

It cost them more than Shs. 60,000.00 just to get school equipment and then the laptop costs Shs. 48,000.00. Now they have to pay the college tuition and find a place for her to live in Thika and pay the rent. These are regular working people with her father, a fisheries officer, and her mother a businesswoman. They are facing a nightmare but they are determined to take their daughter to college.

Now our University students do not know what will happen to HELB which is how many of us from poor families made it through college. I went to Nairobi University as the son of peasant farmers and I rubbed shoulders there with the kids of billionaires in Nairobi and graduated with a degree in B.Com and was able to make a living after college.

I would have had no chance if my parents had to pay the tuition and rent a place for me in Nairobi. Now we don’t know what is coming next and our politicians should be talking with the government to make sure HELB is not messed up.

Amid all these problems, Kenyans do not give a shit quite frankly about who will run for the presidency five years from now. If that is the pre-occupation for Kalonzo, it means he is having a wonderful life and does not face any of the real problems Kenyans face and has absolutely no idea what people are dealing with out there.

Yes, Kalonzo is asking Kenyans to pray for him and they should pray that he gets a little common sense and try addressing real issues Kenyans are dealing with today. The same with Raila and other opposition leaders. Nobody wants to know who will run for elections in 2027 or 2050.

Kenyans want to know how our leaders can address the issues the country faces today. Maybe Kalonzo can ask Ruto to appoint him to that fake opposition office he is creating so they can sing and pray together.

But here is Kalonzo’s appeal from the media.

Wiper leader Kalonzo Musyoka has asked Kenyans to pray for him and his family.

Speaking in an interview with NTV, Kalonzo urged Kenyans to pray for each other and for him.

“Let’s pray for each other. Catholics, Protestants, Muslims, and Hindus. Pray for me, so that I will not be accused forever of things I have never done,” he said.

The former Vice President recalled the names he has been branded over the years, saying they are of the past.

“All those nay Sayers, indecisive, cannot do anything, watermelon, all those are behind us, gone with 2022,” he said.

In an interview with NTV’s Zainab Ismail on Wednesday, Mr. Musyoka said he was now wiser. “The fool in me ended up supporting Raila for the third time, but that fool is wiser now than he was then,” he said. “I’m no fool. It took some painful introspection and I brought it out before I supported my friend Raila.”

In short, I am asking Kenyans to please pray for Kalonzo Musyoka to come back to earth where you live in the republic and God willing maybe one day he will be the president of Kenya. Then ask Kalonzo to pray for Kenyans to have some food to eat, be able to get medical help when they need it, and somehow afford to pay school fees for their children. Bwana Asifiwe for Ndugu Kalonzo Musyoka.

Kenyans should be happy that other Azimio leaders are not jumping into this stupid talk of who will be running for the presidency in 2027. That would be a great gift to the fumbling Ruto government if Azimio leaders started fighting about who will run for them in 2027 instead of dealing with what is happening in the country today.

Ruto would have a free run and maybe he was brilliant to manufacture that nonsensical office for the opposition to have some hounds, ogling and fighting over it. Kenyans have to live between now and 2027 and that is their number one concern. The rest is nonsense to them because they don’t even know if they will be alive in 2027.

Adongo Ogony is a Kenyan Human Rights Activist and a Writer who lives in Toronto, Canada

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