How Uhuru threatened to beat up Mbadi in Bunge over family business

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Suba South MP John Mbadi has described how one time as Finance Minister, Uhuru Kenyatta threatened to punch him outside parliament chambers after the MP told him (Uhuru) his family owned a bank during a debate on the capping of interest rates.

In an interview with the Sunday Nation, the ODM chair says President Uhuru got worked up during the debate when the Speaker pressed him to declare his interest in the bill.

”I recall one time I challenged him on the floor of the House to declare his interest in the financial sector while we were debating matters of capping interest rates. At that time he was the Finance Minister. So I told him that his family owns a bank and he must have a direct interest on the matter which he must declare. He got worked up but was forced by the Speaker to declare his interest,” Mbadi said.

”So he stood up and said, “our family own banks, so what?” Then after he sat down, he pointed at me and said “if I meet you outside the corridors, I will punch you”, the Suba South lawmaker added.

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After this stern warning from Uhuru, the MP says he coiled his tail and was scared to bump into the Finance minister along the corridors of Parliament after the heated debate session ended. However, this was not to be as things turned out completely the opposite of what he expected.

”I got scared. So when we walked out, I tried to avoid him but he waited for me in the corridor. I was afraid that he was going to beat me. “Mbadi come here”, he called me. When I went, he embraced me and started laughing. From then, I got a different impression of him. He doesn’t hold grudges and probably that explains why the deputy president is treating him so badly.”

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