UDA Plotting Governor Sakaja’s Ouster from City Hall

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A section of the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) leaders want Nairobi Governor Johson Sakaja out of office.

The group, affiliated with the Deputy President wants the governor to seek a fresh mandate with a different party if he has decided to go to bed with the Azimio Coalition and ODM.

According to sources from the ruling party, Governor Sakaja’s defiance and not taking instructions from State House puts him on a warpath with the party’s leadership.

Already, there is a storm brewing between the Nairobi county chief and party members who have accused him of neglecting the government side and working with the Opposition despite being asked to toe the party line.

On Friday, UDA MCAs led by the Nairobi county Minority leader Antony Kiragu told Governor Sakaja to seek a fresh mandate using a different ticket if he feels he cannot engage the party while running Nairobi.

”Sakaja was elected by Nairobi people but we are here to remind him to remember which Party gave him the Governor’s seat. Sakaja was chosen with the UDA flag and if he feels he cannot involve us in the issues he can go back to the field and be elected in the party he can serve,” the minority leader said.

The UDA MCAs are also accusing Governor Sakaja of sideshows and resorting to publicity instead of delivering his manifesto.

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