Saudi takes Messi to Clinic at the World Cup. Poor Lewandoski Can’t even Score a Penalty

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Saudi Arabia just won their World Cup in their first game in Qatar.

It can’t get better than to beat Argentina and Messi just after that great genius and very polite person scored for his team in the tenth minute. That was supposed to be a game-ender for the Saudi team.

Then in the second half, the Saudi team exploded with two goals in five minutes and shook the entire world of football in every way possible. Nothing like that has ever happened in the World Cup.

Lionel Messi known as the very best the game of football has seen in generations has never led his Argentinian team to a World Cup trophy and in this his fifth and last appearance for the trophy in Qatar there were big expectations on him and he started marvelously with a score.

Messi’s compatriot and another legend in football did pull a World Cup trophy for Argentina when they beat West Germany in Mexico in 1986 and went ahead to win the World Cup.

And here is that hand of god goal that Maradona scored against England annoying the British to no end. England won the world cup trophy in 1966. In 1986 they were hoping that the then twenty-year drought would end and here comes Maradona not just beating their ass but making fun about the whole thing.

If you think the nightmare for Lionel Messi was bad, wait till you try to figure out what to do with Robert Lewandoski, the best scorer in European football for so many years now playing for Beyern Munich where he has won everything.

Today as the captain of Poland they faced Mexico and everybody wanted Lewandoski to score a goal because with all his greatness in football he has never scored a single goal for Poland in the Word Cup even though he scores tons of goals every time to lead to the World Cup.

So then boom Poland has a tied game with Mexico and somebody needs to score and Poland has a penalty. Lewandoski takes the penalty and it is saved by the Mexico goalkeeper. Ten out of ten Lewandoski scores that penalty. So this is just bad luck.

And then, of course, France exploded into the stage facing Australia. The defending world champions are having serious injury problems with some of the key players who won the trophy in 2028 in Russia.

The all-time best middle fielder in the world for the last six or so years, Ng’olo Kante who plays with Chelsea for the last five years is having injury problems and is out of the team. Nobody can replace that dude and the whole world accepts it. Paul Pogba is not ready to go yet but France still has one of the best teams in Qatar today to win that trophy.

Today, France just completely dismantled a very good Australian team. All the big names for France were there starting with their golden boy MPappe who put in a goal and an assist starting exactly from where he left when helped lead France to the World Cup in his first appearance as a teenager.

Nobody knows where this young man will take his football but it is one of the beauties of the game that some kid comes up with and changes everything.

And just when you thought the young chaps have taken over everything in football here comes Olivier Giroud the oldest guy in the French team and a pretty good player who has scored tons of goals for France at every stage.

Olivier Giroud scores two goals for goal number 50 and 51. That ties him with Thierry Henry as the leading goal scorer for France. He has a few more games to move past that.

One of the most important things for Kenyans and Africans is that we also got to see one of the youngest players in the Qatar World cup.

In the second half, Australia brought in Garang Kuol an 18-year-old player deemed by some to be one of the next biggest things happening in football today.

He is known to be super fast and actually on his very first touch in the game he went past the French defenders and right into the box. Garang Kuol has been signed by the new rich boys in football, New Castle United, and is moving to the English Premier football next year.

There was a big fight by many teams to get him but he made a brilliant choice going to a big-moneyed team now looking for explosive new talent. That South Sudanese boy is coming next to you in the world of football soon. Watch for it.

Adongo Ogony is a Kenyan Human Rights Activist and a Writer who lives in Toronto, Canada

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