President Ruto: Russia-Ukraine war responsible for current high food prices

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President William Ruto has asked the United Nations to ensure that the Russia-Ukraine war stops and both parties embrace a peaceful resolution to the ongoing conflict saying the world is bearing an expensive cost of the war.

Speaking to Al Jazeera on Saturday, Ruto, who had previously criticized President Uhuru’s regime for claiming the war in Europe was behind the high price of commodities in Kenya shifted from his previous position to confirm that indeed the war had made the prices of food commodities including fertilisers and cereals to shoot.

”We are all bearing the brunt of what that conflict portends for us: high food prices, we cannot access fertiliser, we cannot pay for fertiliser, transport for commodities, cereals, fertiliser is all clogged up with the sanctions around it and with everything else that comes with it.”

”In the context where we are today, with high food prices, with global challenges of fertiliser supply, with global challenges of cereal supply, with people faced with drought and famine in many areas, with the challenges of climate change, we do not have the luxury to be pious, you know; to say why I am right, he’s wrong, and this and that. I think we need first things first: let’s find a mechanism to stop the war. We can do other things later,” the president.

Dr. Ruto avoided taking sides in the conflict saying Kenya’s position is that there needs to be a peaceful resolution, a mechanism that will bring the war to a stop.

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