Election Hot Air is Getting Very Hot. How are you doing today Mr. President and Saint Chebukati?

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In Kenya today, each day you wake up, there is something not so good smoking near you and threatening to burn you alive. Then you turn around and there is real fire right in your face. This week, Kenyans have had to deal with all of that at the same time and it involves the biggest offices in our country.

The first hot item of the week came when President Ruto accused former President Uhuru Kenyatta of having planned and tried to kidnap and murder IEBC Chairman Wafula Chebukati so as to rig the presidential elections for Azimio and make sure William Ruto never becomes Kenya’s president. Serious accusation? Yes. In fact, that was our head of state going nuclear while addressing the citizens of our republic and the whole world. So what is going to happen to that murderous former president?

The straightforward conclusion is that President Ruto, our Commander-In-Chief is one of two things. He is either a Forgiver-In-Chief willing to let terrible criminals walk free or our president is a Liar-In-Chief, inventing crazy things to keep himself in power as our magnanimous saviour. Never mind the people whose names and characters he is destroying.

The next bomb to explode in our country this week was the revelation by an IEBC whistleblower on the fact that the presidential election results released after the August 2022 elections were complete fabrications cooked up at the Bomas counting centre by Mr Wafula Chebukati to hand over the presidency to William Ruto.

When the contested election results were being heard in court, Justice Martha Koome and the Kenya Kwanza mob called the accusations of rigged elections as hot air. From the looks of it when the inside data and info comes out in the open, there will be a lot of cold air blowing all over the election results.

I am afraid some of those who refused to deal with the election rigging may find themselves in the Siberia Frost bite kind of cold. Are you kidding me?

I have personally read the whistleblower report and the focus is on what happened inside the Bomas counting centre where Chief Chef Wafula Chebukati was in full gear, cooking up the best dish for William Ruto as he wanted it. The details are coming and it is frightening for some people.

The whistleblower starts in a very humble and focused way. Here is part of the basic outline of the electoral fraud from the whistleblower:

Fellow Kenyans, a total of 264 out of the expected 290 Forms 34B were received at the IEBC data transmission centre. These forms were received in JPEG (image) format at the “back office” – the backend of the IEBC portal that was meant to be only accessible to IEBC ICT administrators and not the general public. At the ‘back office’ of the IEBC data transmission centre, illegal entities were created to change forms 34B from its original jpeg form to pdf (portable document format)

This is questionable as the KIEMS kits that were used to transmit the forms from the polling centres did not have the capacity to change any file from its original jpeg form to any other form.

The audit shows that remote access or full access was given to non- authorised users who were able to change jpeg Forms 34B to word or other file editors then converted back to png/pdf which was later uploaded to the public portal.

The aforementioned process goes contrary to the electoral procedures in which each KIEMS kit was designed and serialized to transmit files from point A (POLLING STATION) to point C (National Tallying Centre) without interception.

Being that each KIEMS kit was registered to a certain polling station implies that they shouldn’t transmit for other foreign polling stations.

For example, KIEMS kit number 32A cannot transmit results for KIEMS kit number 80D etc. It was also noted that Forms 34A of Books 2 were largely used whenever form 34A of book 1 were depleted (used up) at the polling stations.

Since each book was serialised and watermarked, the scheme used thereafter was to change original Forms 34A of Book 1 to PNG in order to alter background watermarks.

To explain this, the forms recovered contain details on how figures were altered, swapped and deleted from Candidate A (Raila Odinga in this case) in favour of Candidate B (William Ruto). By design, the digital registry at the back-office should contain details of whoever provided unauthorised access to third parties.

Kenyans will address all the data and info as the reality unfolds in front of us. Today was the day for Azimio leaders to tell Kenyans where all this is heading to from their side

Azimio la Umoja-One Kenya maintains that their candidate, Raila Odinga, won the August 9, 2022 presidential election with a big margin.

Addressing journalists at the Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka (SKM) Command Centre in Nairobi on Thursday, January 19, the Azimio principals said they did not have the “valid” results when they filed their petition at the Supreme Court challenging President William Ruto’s victory.

The team, led by Wiper Party Kalonzo Musyoka, said Odinga got 8.1 million votes while Ruto got 5.9 million votes in the recent election.

The new results, the coalition principals said, were disclosed to them by an insider of the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC).

“The data that we shared with Kenyans in regard to election outcome was not available to us when we filed the presidential petition in August last year,” Musyoka said on Thursday.

The evidence the Azimio team produced in court was termed “hot air” by the Supreme Court for failing to meet the threshold needed to overturn the presidential election outcome.

“We’re now waiting for Raila Odinga to return from South Africa so that we chart the way forward,” said Musyoka, adding: “Kenyans will surely be informed about the next course of action.”

During the Thursday address, the Azimio leaders present were Narc-Kenya Party Leader and Odinga’s running-mate Martha Karua, former Kakamega Governor Wycliffe Oparanya, Jubilee Party Secretary-General Jeremiah Kioni and Odinga’s spokesperson in the presidential election Makau Mutua.

The Azimio team said they will soon reveal more shocking details about how the 2022 presidential election was “bungled”.

“Expect more bombshells when Raila returns,” said Musyoka.

The Wiper Party chief claims staff members of the IEBC are currently being harassed by the State to disclose who leaked the information to the Azimio officials.

In a joint statement released by Azimio leaders, it becomes clear what is coming next and from the looks of it, Kenyans are going to see all the information revealed by the whistleblower and apparently the Ruto mob are combing through IEBC trying to unearth the truth-tellers and we all know where they will end up if found.

Sooner than later this is going to be all public and maybe the lives of those who provided this information will be saved that way. In hiding, they are dead because they are shaking the power maniacs to their bones. In public, Kenyans will protect them.

If the Kenyan government refuses to deal with this because it proves things they are afraid to deal with, every Kenyan should expect this to go to the international tables for resolution. Anybody in government thinking they can just walk over this is daydreaming. A complete independent audit of the 2022 presidential election results is now inevitable and that is just the start.

“The data released by the whistleblowers is a bombshell that compels every Kenyan of goodwill to ask themselves if indeed we still have a democracy,” the leaders said.

The statement was signed by Martha Karua, Kalonzo Musyoka, Wycliffe Oparanya, Jeremiah Kioni, Junet Mohamed, Robert Mbui and Makau Mutua.

The Azimio leader Raila Odinga is away on a week-long tour of South Africa which started Friday last week.

“In a few days, our coalition leader who is abroad will be arriving in the country and we shall give Kenyans a way forward.”

The leaders said the data in their possession calls into question the outcome of the presidential election and the credibility and legitimacy of the entire electoral system and infrastructure.

They said they will deliberate and discuss the data and provide the country with the next cause of action. 

“At that time we will collectively issue a public statement together with the data and the direction the country should take following these revelations. There are more revelations in our possession that will unearth the filth in the 2022 general elections. This was not an election but a sham,” they said.

Adongo Ogony is a Kenyan Human Rights Activist and a Writer who lives in Toronto, Canada

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