Detectives Arrest Kenyan Hezbon Nyabola in Latest Sh200 Million Fake Gold Saga

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A Kenyan, Hezbon Nyabola has been arrested by the detectives from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) in the latest Sh200 million fake gold saga.

According to tweets shared by the DCI, an Indian investor, Malian Sanjay is the latest victim to a fake gold saga having lost Sh200 million.

For instance, another fraudster from Guinea Bissau identified as Cavalho Lopes is also caught up in the scandal having obtained $1,780,000 from the investor based in Mumbai on the pretext that he would sell him 44.45 Kgs worth of gold.

The gold was to be shipped from Guinea Bissau through Kigali before being loaded on a plane to India via Jomo Kenyatta International Airport.

Once the complainant received confirmation from Lopes, that the shipment was on transit to Nairobi, he was contacted by a person purporting to be from Kenya Revenue Authority a few days after. The caller identified as Hezbon Nyabola, informed him that his consignment, Airway Bill No706-27720626 had been detained at JKIA for non-payment of customs duty.

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As a result, Sanjay sent him, a further $26,700 to clear the consignment and facilitate its shipment. All along, the investor had not realized that he had been scammed until the gold failed to arrive in India within the agreed-upon time.

It was then that hell broke loose and the Indian Investor sought the aid of authorities to help recover the consignment from JKIA.

“However upon inspection, what was supposed to be gold worth over Sh190 million was discovered to be river bed pebbles, neatly arranged in a box!” DCI said.

Nyabola is currently in custody awaiting arraignment while investigations into the same are still ongoing.

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