Senator Sifuna Shocked by Sh377,000 Nairobi Expressway Card

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Nairobi Senator Edwin Sifuna revealed that government officials, including himself, have been allocated significant amounts of money on their Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) cards for use on the Nairobi Expressway.

Sifuna, speaking in the Senate on Wednesday expressed shock at the amount of Sh377,000 on his ETC card, which he deemed excessive and unnecessary.

“We need to relook at our budgets and see where we can make major cuts for the public to feel we’re lessening the budget. When I became the Deputy Minority Whip, I was allocated a GK vehicle. On the first day that I used that car to go home, I used the expressway. I was shocked at the amount of money that is on my ETC card for my Parliamentary car. As of this morning, when I used that same car to come here, there is Ksh.377,000 on my ETC card,” Sifuna pointed out. 

This revelation has sparked discussions on social media about government expenditure and potential misuse of public funds, with some users highlighting the need for more prudent spending at the top levels of government

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