You will not push me out of government, DP to President Uhuru’s men

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Deputy President William Ruto says he is in government to stay, and that those hellbent on frustrating him to resign are wasting their time.

Speaking to Citizen TV on Thursday night, Ruto said he was elected alongside President Uhuru Kenyatta on a single ticket and has no luxury to quit.

”I was elected. I am not going to give those seeking to push me out of this government the opportunity to celebrate. I won’t resign,” Ruto told Linus Kaikai.

During the close to three-hour interview, the DP gave his insights on a number of issues he currently faces in Jubilee, including his roles being assigned to CS Fred Matiangi. He has attributed some of these changes to the president’s new style of handling things and priorities.

“The style changed and it is the prerogative of the President being the boss…Because of the change of style, priorities changed. Big 4 Agenda slowed down. My space was taken up by other people… It became urgent to change the constitution,” he said.

When pushed by the journalist to take the blame for the current woes he is facing, after trying to upstage the Head of State, Ruto said there was nothing new he has done after 2017. Only that after the last elections, his activities in the regime started to be problematic for some people.

“There is absolutely nothing I have done differently from 2013 to now…I inspected government projects from 2013-2017 and no one complained, but after 2017, it became problematic to some people…I haven’t changed the style of my politics. ”

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