You are not alone! How I battled cancer and survived

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I was diagnosed with cancer by accident when I was twenty-seven (27) years old in February 2015. I had been seeing doctors for lower abdominal pain and a generalized feeling of malaisezero energy, and a sudden onset of terrible gird. But the pain I experienced is what led me to be seen. I was desperate for help. While being treated for several deficiencies, I had a workup done.

A polyp was found in my upper stomach so this did not give me an answer for my pain. Given my age, my cancer diagnosis surprised everyone: Stage one adenocarcinoma with signet ring cell features; poorly differentiated. I do not carry the gene. No family history of cancer. No risk factors. Had I not seen the doctor for pain, my story would be different, the answer to my pain came two years later. I had tumor-related to my Neurofibromatosis type 1-a condition that causes tumors to grow throughout my body. It creates a lot of issues, but it saved my condition.

One month after diagnosis, I had a partial gastrostomy at Nairobi women’s hospital. I had a rough recovery with decreased esophageal motility, severe gerd, and a lack of appetite. While recovery was rough, it also gave me a chance to learn what it feels like to be a cancer victim. A few months thereafter, I started to feel an increased amount of fatigue and was having small amounts of pain while swallowing food. Occasional reflux sent me to my primary care physician where he initially diagnosed my symptoms as stress, and gave me a proton pump inhibitor to help with

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A few months later, I went back with worse symptoms than before and tested for an ulcer that came back negative, so doctors gave me a lot of medication.

Being 30 years old, having a newborn baby, a new job and other pressures in my life were red flags for stress, but not cancer. In January 2020, I encountered a rough night and needed to see the doctor, but it was too early in the morning.

I decided to go to the emergency room and over the next eight hours they discovered I was anemic. Then a chest scan showed a mass at the junction to my stomach, to having a conforming endoscopy revealed that I had a new cancer tumor in my body, the news of having cancer again was mind tormenting that I almost collapsed when I was given the news by the doctors.

There was slight swelling in my pancreas, so they were unsure if it was stomach cancer or both. I was diagnosed again for the second time with stage three cancer and needed to have my stomach, spleen, half of the pancreas, and a third of my esophagus removed. The next three weeks were filled with the hospital, oncology, and meeting the cancer doctor before the surgery date was set in a fortnight.

Surgery appeared to go smoothly, but within 48 hours I had become septic, and was announced: Code blue ending in emergency surgery to fix a leak.

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Waking up seven days later after being sedated and on a breathing tube was a big challenge. After experiencing excruciating pain and hallucinations, followed by consuming vast amounts of pain meds, I was finally released from the hospital 30 days later and re-entered the word as a wounded 38-year old man addicted to pain killers.

Married, and with a 1-year-old daughter, there was a lot of pressure on everyone. I was the sole-bread winner for the family, now I was unable to do anything not even go to work, all the savings had been directed to cover for my medicals bills, for a whole month I depended on donations from well-wishers and friends for survival. My wound refused to heal and after a few screenings I was still suffering from cancer. The doctors were referring me to India
for further treatment, something that I was unable to afford from that particular juncture.

One day a family friend visited and informed me about Kiwanga Doctors, herbal doctors who from his residence had treated a few people with cancer. He gave me their contacts, and without hesitance, I contacted them and booked an appointment. The following morning I met doctor Kiwanga where I was diagnosed and prescribed herbal medication for two days. On the third day I was feeling better, a wound that I had healed, I went for cancer screening and I was pronounced to be cancer-free, thanks to Kiwanga Doctors.

I advise anyone with cancer-related complications to visit Kiwanga Doctors because they have the solution.

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