Ulcers had my daughter go through hell on campus

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We were blessed with one child who was really a good thing to have. She was the source of joy to our family. Anthony, my husband, always enjoyed her company as she was so jovial person, despite a situation that distracted her at any particular time.

As soon as she joined the university, she started complaining of stomach aches every now and then. At some point, my husband said it was a sign that she was pregnant but feared disclosing it.

As her mother, I knew well my daughter, and each time she complained, things were actually not good on her side. I made a point of visiting her at the university so that I would identify what she was really going through before things went bad within the shortest time possible.

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I took her to the hospital and the doctors discovered she had grown fibroids in the stomach, which was a result of stomach ulcers.

They tried their best to ensure that her life was not inhibited by the ulcers and was later discharged from the hospital to go on with her education.

After a period of a week, she called again saying that the pain had started again and it was really difficult to go on with education for she lacked concentration at all. We did the same thing and took her to the hospital together with my husband.

Things this time around were on another level, as she even lost the appetite to eat.

She was just wailing and rolling by the hospital bed as she said she felt as if something was chopping off her stomach walls each time she stood upright. My husband still insisted that our daughter was pregnant as he even asked her to tell him which was the last time she had sex, but she insisted she was still a virgin.

We were forced to arrange her deferment from the university, the condition had compulsively affected her. She had to postpone that semester’s studies.

As time went by, her condition went from bad to worse as she even could not speak fluently due to the pain. After a while, the hospital bill had pilled and we decided to discharge her so as to take care of her back at home. Things were not going on well as she really did not show signs that she was recovering well.

After some time, my husband told me that he had found some solution from the website www.kiwangadoctors.com where he had booked an appointment with the herbalists already.

The next morning we went to the herbalist’s place of work in Kericho County.

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Our daughter was attended to and later went back home and this time around we had much hope that things were going to work out. That night she slept with no complaint at all. Everything had really worked out.

She could now walk upright, something that she would not have done there before. Her appetite was back. Later she resumed education and really she was free from ulcers this time round.

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