UDA now wants to see Raila’s University Degrees: Are things that bad?

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There is desperate and then there is just a total collapse of things that leaves people helpless.

The Ruto campaign is falling to pieces right in front of Kenyans and many of them other than the Ruto mob are not bewildered at all. People saw this coming even though maybe not so rapidly and with so much despair that you almost feel sorry for William Ruto. This is just sad.

Raila is the 5th for a reason. He is actually running for the presidency of our republic for the 5th time in his life as a politician. He was educated enough to run the last four times but now when things get too hot for the Ruto camp they want to grab Raila’s university degrees, all of them, and make him run for the MCA position. What a grand plan to victory for Ruto and UDA.

Get a life. That would be my advice to the Ruto UDA meltdown crew. Ruto has disappeared from the campaign trail after addressing hundreds of school buses in Kakamega where there is a promise of 90% of the vote. If only buses could vote. Then after Ruto left Kakamega his two buddies Bonnie Khalwale and Cleopphas Malala went on stone-throwing rampage while both trying to support Ruto. It must be such a difficult job.

Bonnie has a degree in stone-throwing apart from his expertise as a medical doctor but this time with Cleophas it was the other way round.

Trouble began after the senator failed to endorse Senator Cleophas Malala for the governor seat despite both of them being in the Kenya Kwanza Alliance.

The Former senator urged residents to weigh all leaders from the area and elect whoever they want for any seat.

He, however, campaigned for himself saying he is the best legislator known across the country.

“All of us are seeking seats. Weigh us and pick whoever you want for any seat. Choose one who will care for you. Remember Khalwale is the best legislator in Kenya. “

The remarks rattled Malala who took on him head-on saying he is “confused”.

It is after the confrontation that Khalwale was forced out of the rally seemingly by angry Malala’s supporters.

“Go away from here. Disappear,” the senator was ordered by rowdy youths in a video seen by the Star.

As his security details cleared the way, the agitated group trailed his car telling him to hasten.

Things turned for the worse after the group started throwing stones at his convoy.

The senator eventually managed to leave the chaotic scene as the youths continued to hurl stones at his vehicle.

After he vacated the scene, the youths were heard chanting: “We want Lishenga! We want Lishenga!”

Lishenga is the ODM candidate for the Kakamega senate seat.

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Meanwhile, it was the exact same loose canon bahaviour from UDA boys with their DP candidate Rigathi Gachagua taking notes live to go back to the boss and let him know the house is on fire even in Kiambu.

Hell broke loose when Wamatangi allegedly denied Kabogo the microphone to address the rally.

In his address, Wamatangi urged the electorates to vote for only UDA candidates.

“I’m rallying you to vote me as governor on UDA and I will deliver on the promises that I make,” Wamatangi said.

He pointed a finger at Kabogo warning that he won’t be intimidated.

“I can also lead Kiambu people and I won’t be intimidated at all.”

In a rejoinder, Kabongo who had ostensibly envisioned the standoff pulled out his microphone and fired back at Wamatangi.

Kabogo accused the senator of sensing early defeat.

“Kama wewe ni Mwanaume kuja hapa(If you are a real gentleman cross to this side),” Kabogo said.

The move sparked an ugly debate of some sorts as the two embarked on a shouting match.

Supporters of both camps exacerbated the already volatile situation as they wrestled with each other in booing and jeering.

The standoff happened in the full glare of Gachagua who watched helplessly as the two leaders disparage each other.

I don’t blame Ruto for hanging on the last straw by going after Raila’s university education.

When you are running this level of a mad house, anything to detract from the lunacy within is a work of genius. It could get worse for Ruto in the next days and weeks. That is what worries him even more. Poor guy.

As for university degrees, my father the late Shem Adongo Ogony, once told me that if there was a degree in stupidity I would get it. He asked me when I was being jailed all the time after joining Nairobi University in 1981 if I knew what I was doing or was just following what other people told me.

He told me he will not be coming to Kamiti prison to cry like my mother does but he said he will be with me if I knew what I was doing. I promised him I did. That is my degree in believing in that good man.

Adongo Ogony is a Human Rights Activist and a Writer who lives in Toronto, Canada

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