The Man Who Ate the Country

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Johny, Johny,

Yes papa?

Eating sugar?

No papa.

Telling lies?

No papa.

Open your mouth

Ha ha ha!

In this nursery rhyme, Jonny is caught with his hand and mouth in the sugar jar. Jonny refuses to admit to eating sugar. The evidence is there but like the young version of Shaggy, he maintains it wasn’t him. If you are Kenyan, you are familiar with the politician version of this game.

They are flawed with it because there has never been the need to perfect it. Cause chaos, run a bullshit PR diversion, let Kenyans make fun of it and make memes, all is forgotten, rinse and repeat. Better yet, do nothing. Wait it out. Soon enough something else will come up and all will be forgotten.

Wanjiku, as Moi condescendingly named Kenyans, is habitually distracted. It is not entirely our fault. Life is moving at a painful soul crushing pace. Let us slow it down for a few minutes. A few minutes could possibly change your mind, your vote, and our country in the long run.

Before you choose to reinstate William Samoei Ruto as a relevant and absolute power by placing him in the presidential seat, let us analyze what we already know.

Ruto’s political career kick-started when he became the treasurer of the YK’92 campaign group.  A group known to have physically and psychologically terrorized anyone who opposed the re-election of former president Moi.

It was during this time that Ruto is said to have strangled a young boy with his bare hands. The re-election rooted Ruto firmly in the government which he used to amass wealth. No chicken were involved in the hustle. This was where he honed his icy strategic skills. His ties to the era are incessant. He called to the Moi-era tycoons to finance his current campaign.

In order to establish a career as more than Moi’s bootlicker, Ruto knew he needed an elected position to showcase his versatility. Reuben Chesire became the unfortunate target.

Ruto got the seat from Chesire through a series of tactical fear-inducing strategies that included the maiming of one of Chesire’s closest friends. It is then that Moi brought him even closer. He recognized himself in the young Ruto. Moi appointed Ruto as the KANU director of elections.

Fast forward to recent times. Ruto has set himself up as a crusader. He has managed to convince a section of Kenyans that he is philanthropic social reformer. The electorate’s submissive nature has made Kenya Ruto’s own dungeon bedroom to carry out his inexhaustible perversions.

Ruto has tested and stretched the limits with Kenyans and found there is no gag reflex. We are in a free fall into the depths of his depravity and no one seems to remember the safe word. Did it even ever exist?

Willy, Willy,

Yes Wanjiku?

Stealing land?

No Wanjiku.

Telling lies?

No Wanjiku.

Show us your title deeds

Hapana…no…hii ni kazi ya deep state

Processional Way State House, Weston Hotel Land, Muteshi’s land, KPC Ngong Forest land, and Joseph Murumbi’s 900 acres of land are on record as having been grabbed by William Ruto. These are the most highlighted land cases. You don’t need a deep search to get these cases.

The gruesome 2007/2008 Kiambaa massacre was the culmination of a call to war from Ruto to his community to reclaim land he claimed belonged to them. Rightful land owners were hacked, slaughtered, and burned to death. It is true he is not the only Kenyan politician to do this. Isn’t it about time Kenyans put this open defecation on basic rights to an end?

Willy, Willy,

Yes Wanjiku,

Killing people?

No Wanjiku.

Telling Lies?

No Wanjiku.

Should we probe?

Hapana, no…we kijana hutanijibu kwa mkutano yangu

Hundreds of Kiambaa natives were displaced, permanently disabled, and killed in cold blood. Ruto is documented calling for the ethnic cleansing that led to the Kiambaa massacre. According to him, it is not enough to grab the land. The owners have to die. Leave the community spotless. “Bila madoadoa.”

Journalist John Kituyi, Meshak Yebei, Charles Ndungu Wagacha, Maina Diambo, Naftali Irungu alias “Marcus”, Anthony Mwenje alias “Noriega”, Njoroge Gichere, Timothy Mburu Gatira, Njuguna Gitau Njuguna and George Njoroge Wagacha alias “Afco” are the names of people murdered in relation to this case. William Ruto is directly linked to their murders.

It is about time Kenyans start remembering and saying these names. The forgetting game continues to cost lives. Jacob Juma’s blood is on William Ruto’s hands, the spillage is on us. Juma told us it would happen. He tweeted, shouted at us through our screens but we were too distracted. Chris Msando tried to run. Sergeant Kipyegon Kenei had no chance.

These were Kenyans whose fault was crossing paths with William Ruto. Yet, when the plots to eliminate a sitting president are exposed, his cronies and followers act indifferent. Treason, massacres and assassinations are grievous crimes punishable by death. Instead, he is out here running billion shillings campaigns.

In Feb 2020, Ruto said “Selective prosecution targeting predetermined individuals and projects steamrolled by a narrative of convenient lies and falsehood and propaganda is not a fight against corruption. It is impunity, it is politics and it is headed in the wrong direction.

We know he is lying. He knows he is lying. He knows we know he is lying. We know he knows that he knows he is lying. But he is still lying.

The hustler narrative is nothing but a rebranded YK’92 strategy. Gather disillusioned youth groups, make them believe you understand their problems, whip them up into a frenzy, and use them as a display of power and numbers. Alternate between the savior and victim narrative depending on the situation of the day. Use their leaders to spread false narratives about the opposition. Assassinate anyone who tries to expose the truth in your operations.

The simple truth is, William Samoei Ruto is a covetous murderer. He has directly and indirectly taken Kenyan lives. There are people willing to vote for him to spite Uhuru Kenyatta.

Not only would you be voting in a vengeful sociopath, but you would also be voting in the man who has openly admitted to treason, sabotage, and running a parallel government. Uhuru Kenyatta and his kin will not suffer. You will. 

If this is all true, why has he not been prosecuted by a court of law? William Ruto has confessed to having his hand in the system. He has gloated about being able to operate above the law and having his people in the system. He is the head of a self-protecting snake.

It is not a mystery that this devious man got to the second highest seat in this country. We have a severe lack of honorable men which leaves room for the predators.

Living in Kenya has become an extreme sport. You have seen the memes. We laugh at our predicaments when we should be at a boiling point with anger. We are so nonchalant about the running of the country that a section of us are willing to vote back in a self-confessed power-hungry tribal kingpin.

William Ruto is Daniel Moi’s carbon copy. The reality is that if he becomes president, Kenya is very likely to date back to the one-party dictatorial state. Ruto would be backed by the full power of the presidency, parliament, senate, executive, and the army.  Are Kenyans ready for another tyrant reign?

William Ruto took the opportunity to assemble a spy network within the national government in 2013. He was given the opportunity to oversee ministries of his choice. This birthed the current public feud with the president. Ruto had managed to build the first intricate corruption infrastructure since independence. The most compromised ministries being agriculture, land, treasury, and energy. When he was called out on it, he threw himself into a calculated defamation campaign against his boss.

Naivety has led us to sum everything to government-driven propaganda. This resignation has cost the lives of several known and unknown whistleblowers. Our casual approach to factual information has led us down this current political path where individuals crown themselves as gods above reproach. Our collective passiveness as the larger population has opened the door to a blasphemous murderer to control and govern from the second highest seat in our country.

Our shallow convictions are glued on by meaningless rhetoric, one hundred shillings notes, t-shirts/caps, and cheap wheelbarrow roadshows chipping away at our moral fiber as a country as we are left to pay the not-so-hidden costs. 

Nobody is going to save you but yourself and the best and only way to do so is through action.

Make no mistake. This is a war for the soul of our country. We have in one way or another run from the previous battles. We are all to blame for where we are. Not some system, not the ever-mystical deep state, not the sitting president…we are our own villains. William Samoei Ruto is not a social reformer.  He has shown us exactly who he is. He is directly and indirectly linked to things beyond our grasp.

William Kipchirchir Samoei Arap Ruto ate our country and is now busy shitting on us.

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