Taita girl’s fascinating love story with a German tourist

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Natalia was of mixed heritage; a Taita from her father’s side, Samburu from her mothers.

When she was out, Natalia despite being beautiful would very rarely be approached by men. Her 5-11 stature, striking long hair, and piercing brown eyes intimidated most.

Although beautiful her stare was sharp. She was not an aggressive woman but her strong cheek line and strong gaze made her seem unapproachable. That was until she met Dimi.

Dimi an IT consultant from Germany was a frequent visitor to Mombasa. He used to frequent the pubs and clubs in Old Town quite often upon his business trips. It was him who scorned Natalia.

Dimi was captivated by Natalia the first time he saw her. He never approached her but a few months passed by and there she was again. Sitting outside smoking. Dimi took his chance. The usual rubbish line.

I remember you from before, do you fancy a drink? Is there anywhere else nice to go around here? Natalia was taken back as she was a quiet reserved woman who was not used to this forthrightness. They arranged to meet each time he was over.

Natalia had been only in not-so-serious relationships before and had not really broadened her horizons. Dimi lit a fire in her. Introduced her to a more exciting side of life.

She had learnt a lot from him. What she enjoyed and more importantly for this story what men enjoyed. Months passed and she couldn’t help but fall in love with him with grand plans in her head of somehow being together until she one day stumbled on Kiwanga Doctors while browsing online.

Natalia is today in Germany with Dimi after their nuptials early last year and is blessed with two beautiful babies. Thanks to KD.

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